Thursday, October 2, 2014

Someone I Admierer

by Lisa Kwan

Written for: The Writer's Tower
Theme: Comedy (October)

XXX Univeresty
Asignement 3: Essy
Marks: 50

Someone I Admierer
By Li Yan

There are many poeple in this world. Some people are good people, but some people are the bad people. Good people is good for the world. They is make the world good. But the bad people always making the world bad. always got the fight and killing and cut the queue. I think that the bad people is bad and not good in the world. On the other hand, more and more good people should become, so world is more good. One people is the someone I admier, she is my teachr. There have three reason I like she: beatifull, clever and good.
My teacher techer she name is Miss Ling. She is very beatiful. She is most beatidful techer in the world. She eyes round and big. Like a moon. She got a small nose too. Small nose is very cut. She also have a face. She face is magic. I see she face, I smil smell. She smell, I also can smell. She also have the good body. She body very thin and long. Like modell. I wish I like she body. Maybe I also can become a modell. She hair also long and kerl kler crel not strait. I think girl got not strait hair is very pretty.
Anothr, Mis Ling is clever. She is very smart. Because she like reading a book. She always readig a book. Everyday I see she carryng the books she reading. Sometimes I see the English book like book she useing in my class. Sometiems. it the other book that is very dificult to read. She can tell me do right things and not the wrong things. So I always can do the right things. In our life, always do right things is very improtant. When I have a questions, I always ask she. She also can tell me the answer. Everything I ask she, she can give me answer. That’s why I think she is very clever.
Thrid thing why my techer is the one people I admire, she is good. She is a good people. Many things good, she do. For an examples, she give food to a cat. One day I saw she in the caftreia, she with she friend, a lot of people. A lot of people, it were very noise. Then she go to order a noodles. That noodles is very delicious. A lot of people always go to there buy a noodles. Down the table she sit, suddenly have a cat. The cat is very cut. The cat making the noise like, Please give me the food. She friend tell she don’t give a food to she. But she still giveing to the cat. The cat is very happy. So I say my techer, she very good people.
To sum up, Miss Ling is the one people someone I admierer. Because she is beutifull, clever and good. I think need more and more people like she. She is the most best techer in the world. I think she also the most best techer in universe. Mis Ling, I loveing you very much.

(Miss, I wish you like my essy? I writing about you. And all things I writing is the true things. This my feelings. I hope you can give me the high marks. So I can pass. I want pass so I can go back China. My fathr tell to me I cannot go back China if I not pass. I put in here also have the RM50. RM50 can get the enoff marks to pass???? Thanks you.)

Remarks: There ‘have’ no way I can pass you. Here is RM25 returned. Half total marks = you FAIL. ‘Thanks’ you, too.


Author's Note: I was inspired from having marked and read my international students' essay writing. No offence intended, just for fun---they are such dears, but seriously, their writing can make me laugh AND cry. @.@

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