Me me meeeee !

"Love each other or perish."
~Morrie Schwartz in Tuesdays with Morrie

I greet you with this quote because I have always been deeply impacted by that phrase all my life (Yes, you guessed right. I just reread Mitch Albom's book).

Although sometimes it is extremely tough, I would like to think that I do my utmost best to do what that phrase entails in my life. Of course, I do not have to tell you that the consequences implied are not literal (that you actually DIE) but rather actually implies a life that is dead. Without love, life is pretty empty. Without loving each other, life is empty.

Love is something to be given, not selfishly hoarded, stolen and secretly tucked away in a neat little jar for butterflies. Love is no good, then.

So, treasure your family and friends. Make time for them. Listen when they share with you, and I mean, really listen. Do not interrupt, do not daydream about what you're planning to have for lunch later, and most importantly, do not plan your response.

Cherish the things that really matter in your life. Because love is what keeps us alive in the world, even after we are physically gone.

(Oh-kay. I'll stop with the preaching. I get influenced by what I read. Aheh.)

I really started blogging waaayyyy back in 2003. It was a Friendster blog then, and I was, in many ways, still a child. In my thinking, in the way I saw things, in my purposes for a blog.

I guess I only seriously started blogging in 2007, after a Writers' Camp that really inspired me to just....write. And that's how I saw blogging - an opportunity to write and share with the world :)

I guess I lost my touch after a while.

But with my new layout, I have renewed determination. To continue writing, regardless of whether I like what I write or not.

Reading through my old posts brought back not just memories, but lessons learnt as well. I see my blog as a record of my journey. And hopefully, it shall always serve as a reminder for me, of who I am, and what I have learned. 

Or, it could just be my personal space to satisfy my mild narcissism. :D

Anyway, I love writing (as you can tell now) (mostly fiction, though) and I love people. I love my family, who are, although possibly from a biased point of view, freakin' awesome. I love hanging out with friends. I love sleepovers at my house, with muffled giggles and sniggers, Pictionary and cold Apple Cider and Vinegar. I love reading as well (Jodi Picoult fan for sure !). I like listening to music, radio or elsewhere (though I seldom have the time). I like trying new things, and am pretty open to new experiences, though I wasn't always like that. I try. :)

Welcome to my space. :)