Tuesday, September 8, 2009

My Favourite Me

Call me vain.
Call me
Say me
syok sendiri.

But I reaallllyyyyyy like this
picture of myself. :)

I think I really outdid myself !

Awesome top,
Awesome scarf,
Awesome new hairstyle,
and Awesome new eyeliner !

Say what you want.
I don't care.

I like myself.
I love myself.

Anything wrong with
taking photos to remind
myself of that?
Just let me syok sendiri la


The Bee said...

so you like your new look eh?
good for you!
rmbr long ago did ask you to get your hair done but nope!! right?
ya pretty girl can admire yourself but dont spend so much time doing it okay?? =)

Timothy K. said...

no comment

Arnan Koh said...


new hair style, new clothes...

but same person, same eyes... and the same pose...

You can change the hair, the clothes, but you can't fool me, you are still Lisa Kwan.

Lisa ^^, said...

>>Timothy K
Then don't lorrrr XD

Shadddappp Arnie. Soo MEAN >.<

J e n n Y said...

i like the new hairstyle!

Lisa ^^, said...

Thanks !!!! *blushes*

siehjin said...


i see true beauty in you. but i think it shines through the best, when you aren't posing and being vain.

just my two sens. =)