Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Tomorrow Is Another Day

You have just had a tiring day
So many things on your mind
So many things to think about
to plan
to prepare

Despite having a pretty 'free' day
on your schedule
Those free hours have been filled with
completing assignments
preparing lesson plans
printing out meeting minutes
finalizing a camp booklet layout
reading up on previous lesson notes

You're fatigued
You're listless
You're frustrated
You're stressed out

You're walking back from class
And then it starts to rain

Could it get any worse?

And then you see this:

And you can't help but smile :)

Tomorrow is another day.

And I hope it'll be better than today.

It will.


wen said...

yup yup.. *hugs*

siawase_tenshi said...

have faith. It will be ^-^ keep going lisa dear~

Jyannie said...

hehe could see you were spacing out towards the end of the meeting just now XP thanks for compiling the booklet, you can have a good rest now heh. take care.

Lisa ^^, said...

Thanks a lot babe :)

I need like tons more of these for me not to go crazy !!! XD

So sorry about that. Was a bit drained. Soo sorry ya >.< But I AM glad I am part of the committee :)

The Bee said...

nice change to your blog
i like it =)
nice timely poster to lift up your spirits huh?
pray you'll not let the big load of work weigh you down..
celebrate as each gets done ok?
one of those times when all come together...
this sem definitely heavier in terms of course requirements..take care

Lisa ^^, said...

>>The Bee
I like the change too. :) Butterfly !!
Oh, and it wasn't a poster. It's actually those car shades. Passed by it in the DECTAR carpark on the way back from class.
Yeah, this sem seems pretty stressful ! >.<