Sunday, September 27, 2009

Why Do You Think So?

A man has a daily routine that he follows without fail.

He lives in an apartment building that is 12 storeys high.
His room is on the 12th floor - the highest floor in the building.

Every day, he gets ready to go to work, leaves his apartment, locks it and heads to the elevator.
He takes it all the way down to the ground floor, leaves the elevator and the building, gets into his car and drives off to work.

When he gets back from work, he parks his car at the ground floor, takes the elevator up to the 8th floor, and then takes the stairs up to the 12th floor.
Then he returns to his apartment.

If it rains when he gets back from work, instead of going up to the 8th floor in the elevator and the stairs to the 12th, he takes the elevator straight up to the 12th floor, to his apartment.

Can anyone tell me why? :P

Another question for you:

A woman's mother passes away and she is at her funeral.
Among all the guests in the house who have come to pay their respects and offer their condolences, she is drawn to this particular man she has not seen before.

She does not know who he is and inquires others of his identity.
However, no one seems to know who he is either.

He is extremely good-looking and she is instantly attracted to the man.
But before she can go up to speak to him, he appears to have vanished.
She searches everywhere, but she cannot find him again.

A few months pass, and she has yet to find the man.

Then, she murders her sister.


For those who have heard any of these questions before and therefore, know the answers, please do not spoil the fun for others. If you have not come across these two questions before, feel free to guess the answers :)


xinli said...

1. the man is a midget/dwarf/stunted and cannot reach the 12th floor elevator button. on rainy days, he uses his umbrella :D i considered wheelchair-ridden at first but i figured he couldn't have taken the stairs then unless his wheelchair is super gengchao with stair-climbing abilities.

2. because the woman is batshit crazy and also suffers from hallucinations(smouldering man no one knows). it took her sister a few months to realise her insanity and when she was this [shows tiny space between thumb and index] close to getting her thrown into an asylum, the crazy woman murders her.

looking forward to the answers,
xinli :)

Anonymous said...

hmm... interesting.. haha.. limmie's ans is even more interesting.. wahahha...

1. the man is trying to do exercise every day but on rainy days, his leather shoes are wet, hence more slippery, so he'll not do the stair-climbing exercise on rainy days. Furthermore, walking down the stairs need lesser effort and exercise than walking up the stairs. Plus he may be rushing in the mornings.


The girl he's in love with stays in 8th floor and will come out to hang and dry clothes at the time he gets back from work. Rainy days - you can't dry clothes on rainy days. hahahhaha...

but I found limmie's ans way more interesting and logic.. muahaha.... =)

2. I was trying to link ques 1 & 2, thinking there may be some evil plan or plot here. hahahhaa....
maybe.. the man in ques 1 is the man in ques 2. (since attracted, maybe that's the guy she always see when she dry clothes on sunny days) hahaha...

Anyway... my ans for ques 2:
The man maybe is her brother-in-law (sister's husband). Her sister maybe staying in overseas hence no one knows she got married and who her husband was. So when she realised he is her brother-in-law, she murders her sister in order to be able to get together with the man. hahahhaa...

(I did tink of the man is her mum's boyfriend.. wahahhaha)

ok. I know my ans is totally weird..
Do let us know the answers ya!! =P


~`w!L`Li@m'~ said...

Lazy to think lah....Hate all these subjective many possible answers and never get it right...
But I think Xinli's answers are quite logical! I vote for Xinli's answers!!! :D

xinli said...

hahaha. i would never have thought of yun's answers... very creative indeed. good job!

i have one vote weeee~

so will you tell us already????
the suspense is killing me

Lisa ^^, said...

Ahaha. Okays. Good tries everyone. REALLY good !! :P


1. The man IS a midget/dwarf. Hence, he cannot reach the button for the 12th floor when he needs to go up, and can only do so on rainy days when he has his umbrella. Going down to the G floor of course, poses no problem to him. So Xinli, you are absolutely right ! You sure you have not done this before? :P
Yun, pretty good try. I actually thought of the 8th-floor-gf theory too, when I was first asked this question. haha not bad !

2. The woman murders her sister in the hopes that her mysterious man might come to THAT funeral too.


Ah, but for this question, there is a little explanation. According to Reader's Digest, there was research conducted using this question. Majority of the people were unable to come up with the right answer. Findings of the research was that those who DID give the right answer had something in common - they were all serial rapists/murderers.

Hence, you might not wanna get this question right. Ahaha.

AWESOME tries everyone (except William who only copies people. COPY CAT !!! >.<)

Hope you guys found it as interesting as I did !! :P

p.s: I DO know someone who got question#2 right. She's the ONLY person I know who has. Scarryyyyyy >.< haha

xinli said...

i will start asking everyone this question from now onwards to identify potential serial killers.

Anonymous said...

hahhaa... luckily I didn't got the 2nd ques right then. but honestly, when I saw Limmie's ans on ques 1 - I was like... YA HO! tht is the ans! wahahha.. Limmie pro~

sa u got us in suspense for a week la.. wahahhahah =P

Lisa ^^, said...

Yeah. I know right? I kept asking around no one got it right. Then, SOMEONE DID.
Now, what do I do?????? >.<

Ahaha. I know la. Purposely ma. If tell so early no fun ba ! wakakaka XD