Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Darn Unity

Even with the final examinations drawing awfully near, and the semester in its final week of study, burdened with assignments yet to be completed before then, my beloved faculty decided to help us relax and reduce our pressure and tension by giving us:



Strange that this quiz for
beloved Curriculum and Pedagogy class seems to be so poorly publicized. All we received was an announcement on SPIN (student e-portal) asking all of us to attend the final lecture on the 13th of October in Dewan Budiman at 2pm where there will be a reflection of our micro-teaching, oh, and a QUIZ.
Nothing else mentioned, like how many marks were allocated, the format of the paper,

I frantically searched my (very dusty) notebook where I had written notes for the class (when I successfully managed to stay conscious long enough to actually write) and lo and behold ! There
was something about a quiz during the final week. I had written:


Thirty-freaking-percent ????!!!! Purely essay ?????!!!!!!!!!!!!
Alamak. I haven't even touched my books. Darn. >.< So began a few sleepless nights (well, sleep-deprived days really) of frantic, desperate, hopeless, mugging. I suddenly realized I had books I never knew I had. What great timing ! Just in time !

I also realized, unfortunately, that there were
36 methods of teaching all categorized real pretty with fancy names like Resitasi (Recitation) and Sumbang Saran (Brainstorming) described in excruciating detail. And yes, I needed to also translate all of it into English from Malay.
Methods in teaching, lesson plan formats, Bloom's Taxonomy, 10 views in integrating curriculum, National Education Curriculum, ways of effective teaching and learning, officialism, introducing a lesson, variations, explanation, techniques in questioning and everything else was pretty much
stuffed into my brain, if I can use such a term.

I very nearly was on the verge of committing suicide.
Not really.
But very nearly though.

Everywhere I went I thought of the 6 levels of Bloom, the difference between critical and creative thinking skills, what the statement for the National Curriculum was.
Gan jeong betul.
Especially on D-Day.

All my previous classes before the quiz, I could not concentrate. We were talking about Broca's aphasia and Wernicke's aphasia and the
corpus calossum in Psycholinguistics, but my mind was still on the 5 main reasons why teachers need to plan their lessons - in essay point form.

It came to the point where, I didn't really care whether I was finally ready or not, I could
not stand the sight of that pink book again.
I had had enough.
I just wanted it over and done with.

We were finally seated, all of us. Most of us, like me, nervous and jittery. And very jumpy.

The question paper was handed out:


1. Apakah yang anda faham tentang perpaduan?

2. Apakah masalah utama yang dihadapi dalam pengajaran mikro 10-12 minit?
3. Apakah kaedah yang anda fikirkan paling sesuai untuk pengajaran perpaduan? Nyatakan.

I slogged and mugged and had sleepless nights to answer questions that even my F5 brother can? Or anyone from
any other course can, for that matter? On UNITY ??!! What is this, an essay writing competition in conjunction with Independence Day? Or wait, 1Malaysia? *grrrrrr*

Oh, and after I'd written a 1 page essay for each question, allotting about 10 marks for each, she told us that the entire quiz, all 3 essay questions that is, would give a total of 10% for our final marks.


I swear, I could curse real bad right now.
Real bad. >.<


Aravin said...

OMG......u must feel awful (like crayon sin chan with his mouth dropped to the ground).....look on the bright side, now u are sure to get those 10 percent marks....now u have 10 percent less to work for....

Lisa ^^, said...

I guess, the bright side is, I'm almost prepared for the finals dy. I'm just disappointed with the way they do things la. Gerammmm >.<

J e n n Y said...

i totally understand your feeling.
today my lecturer said,"saya bagi topik, esok kamu present." I was like wth man! last min presentation to prepare..

xinli said...

i feel you girl.

once they made us study 3 chapters for a MCQ on only 1 chapter of microbiology... it was oddly a relief though. haha maybe cause i wasn't as prepared as you.

Lisa ^^, said...

That's just too much mannn. How can you expect students to prepare for a presentation in less than 24 hours? That's insane !!! >.<

I wasn't to say very well prepared la. Just extremely gan jeong thinking about all the things I was SUPPOSED to know, but didn't. So when you slog damn hard and then come out essay questions like that, it's sorta insulting your intelligence. Not to mention, I have a mild suspicion that she's using our essays for her academic research on 'perpaduan di kalangan pelajar Fakulti Pendidikan'. Seriously. >.<

shandye. said...

i noticed you scribbled something at the edge of that 'stupid' pink book, noticing and having an epiphany that you're going to write a blog entry.


for those who TAK TIDUR SATU HARI going through the pink book and other possible notes for the subject, yeah... all of them (me included) are effing pissed.

but whatever. i AM looking forward for a free meal this thursday. bah!

Lisa ^^, said...

Yeah, you were right. I WAS writing the questions down. Ana asked me why when she noticed too.I said, "The questions are too much of a JOKE to be kept quiet about !!"

Ahaha see ya on Thursday !! *rubs hands with glee*

The Bee said...

why is it that after about 3 sem in ukm, the strong impression i get is that the academic staff seems to behave like opponents rather than mentors to students????
what has gone wrong??
let me analyze...
a. they exhibit great creativity in torturing students with those surprises, last minute and unreasonable demands and enjoy seeing the struggles they put you thro?? ...or
b. they are just plain sloppy in their lecturing plans - no preparation, at their whims and pleasure knowing that what they do at ground level ie with the students - the powers above them not in the know and those below them not in the power to do anything about it?? or
c. your hypothesis that they may be using you poor students for their research and their higher plans for their personal advancement in their careers...seem to be quite a high possibility actually from the look of it...
pls note the "they" here refers to some ok? cos i believe it is always a fact there are gems found scattered in the midst of many...thank God for them.

well ya your pain is also your gain lah girl... you hv completed your end of the deal - to prepare yourself loh... :p
come back must boil tonic for my dear girl already ... so san fu ...