Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Squishy Can Be Nice Too


I know how the phenomenon of rain occurs.
(I mean, I do remember something from Form 3 Science and Geography.)
I understand how it happens.
It's logical, reasonable, predictable.

But, what I do not understand, is why it rains when you do not want it to rain,
but there's not a drop from the sky when you do want it to rain? >.< Walking out of the exam hall after my (horrible) second paper, I am greeted by sheets of rain, large wet puddles, and soggy squishy grass. The prospect of squashing myself into an almost-toppling-over bus full of other people with equally as damp clothes and hair was not very inviting. And considering my height, I have underarm odour to worry about too (since my face is just at that right height).

But how do I walk back in this rain?
In a baju kurung too. (Alamak ! >.<)

I took a deep breath and whipped out my brand new maroon umbrella from its plastic cover (it's that new) and took my first steps out.
*splash splash splash*

I can feel my shoes getting squishier with every step I took.
Every car that passed by, I would literally shrink to the side; so afraid they'd splash puddles of water all over me.

There were puddles of water everywhere, forcing me to "dance" all over the place.
"Dance" as in as much dancing as I can do while holding my baju kurung skirt up, that is.
And there was thunder and lightning too.
There was this bright flash of light, and I cringed in anticipation:

CRACK !!!!

It was really loud. The kind of loud where you can feel your heart go thump in your chest at the same time the thunder cracks.
I had this fleeting vision of a lightning flash hitting my (brand new !) umbrella (did I mention it was a lovely maroon colour? Oh, I did. Aheh.) and electrocuting me to death, leaving behind nothing but a pile of black ash. Or white.

And worst of all, the humidity made my hair go all poofy. >.< 

 Yes, I was a little grumpy. But the further along I walked, the lighter the rain got. The squishy sounds of my shoes *squish SQUISH SQUISH squish squish* was like music. Every puddle I jumped over taught me a new dance move. The weather got awfully cooling. And I enjoyed twirling my umbrella, skipping in the rain :) 

Sitting down at my laptop after I hung my umbrella to dry, I can hear the splash of raindrops outside. And it is not annoying, it is peaceful. The rain tells me one thing: "Your bed is the coziest place on earth at this moment - so get in it !!" xP 

I am sure you can tell what I am gonna do next :P


wen said...

Pity you, your baju kurung and your lovely maroon umbrella..

agree with the wanting or not wanting the rain.. Xp..

But i LOVE rain.. tho i havent really gotten a chance to let it literally shower on me..Xp..

David Leong Kin Ming said...


I thought u were going to say something more profound.. aiyoo...

Lisa ^^, said...

Gorsh. I've always wanted to do that you know? Get drenched in the rain. Run around in it. Without being yelled at "YOU WANNA GET SICK ARR????!!!!" teehee

Nah, I leave the profound stuff to YOU XD

Smileyfreak said...

Cool blog :) Rain is very unpredictable but your right,it can be nice...sometimes lol

The Bee said...

yeah when you dont want the rain
it can be v gloomy and of course "messy"
i got drenched too picking ming up ystdy
first round - kit - sunny hot
next minute dark skies and by the time i reached kgv i was more like sailing than driving the car!!! cars also get splashed too and the puddles are like whirlpools actually!!!
glad the rain's cooling effect soothes your mood after that =)
the rain with lots of thunder and lightning makes me feel small and reminds me that Man /(I) is/am NOT in control... God the Creator is....and He is just refreshing the world haha

lynette lim said...

ahaha...every time i see the rain i would like yippeee and imagining myself playing under the rain getting all wet and play till it stop..but one thing scare the hell out of me is the lightning...then baru

Lisa ^^, said...

Ahaha. Yeah la that day walking back the lightning was really hebat ! Thunder damn loud !! Scare me jerr~ >.<