Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Nice Guys Finish Last

Have you ever heard the saying: "Nice guys finish last"?

Have you ever thought about what that meant?

I was chilling out, watching one of the videos of a channel I subscribe to: KevJumba. You should watch his videos. They're funny. Especially the ones with his dad. I also think his dad is funnier than he is ! xD

Ahem, anyways, the video I was watching was called: Nice Guys. It's actually a short music video he did in collaboration with NigaHiga and Chester See.

Anyhoo, the chorus goes like this:

Nice guys finish last
That's why I'll treat you like trash
It's not what I really wanna do
But you only date bad guys
So I'll give it my best try
To treat you the way you want me to

In this video, they are talking about "nice guys" in relation to love. How often have we seen that exact case? Girls who never seem to notice the nice guys around them, but go out with a never-ending string of bad boys. What is it that is so attractive about these "bad boys"?

Reminds me of Vampire Diaries, all of a sudden. (I recently finished watching Season One.) (Yes, I know I'm slow @.@)

Stefan and Damon Salvatore.
Gosh, I always get distracted by how hot they both are >.<

In the series, Stefan Salvatore is the designated "good vampire" who makes the choice to not kill for human blood and settles for sustenance on only animal blood. Damon Salvatore on the other hand, mercilessly kills and murders innocent people in cold blood (ooh, was that a pun? :P) just for the adrenaline rush. And of course, for their blood. 

While Elena and Stefan are the star-crossed lovers that keep the story alive, there is also an undeniable chemistry between Elena and Damon.

Stefan + Elena

Elena + Damon
Which couple is better? 

Seriously, what is it about bad boys that girls just cannot resist? Smoking sexy good looks aside, of course.

Girls never choose the guys who treat them well. They always fall for the ones that are not even worth their time. We deserve better than that. Why do we put ourselves through it?

Love matters aside, "nice guys finish last", to me, implies that playing nice will never secure you a win. Playing fair will never get you ahead. Being the good guy is being foolish.

I guess that really is the culture in which we live. If getting ahead means having to backstab others and betray trusts and break promises, then so be it.

Another saying comes to mind: "The end justifies the means." People don't care what they do, who they step on, who gets hurt, as long as they win.

I don't know about you, but that makes me shudder. In fear and disgust, not delight.

What can control a person to the point that they throw away all good intentions, principles, integrity, honesty, righteousness and purity?

Many things I guess. Money, power, revenge, lust, ambition, even love.

But let me tell you this, bad boys (or girls; don't wanna be sexist now), what goes around really comes around. And though you think nobody may know what you do, God does. And He will judge accordingly.

And let me tell you this, nice guys (and girls; again), just as you may think nobody knows or notices what you do, God does. And He will reward accordingly :)

With regards to love, maybe I just want to say, to all the nice guys out there, don't give up. Even if it seems that you're always the last pick, she'll come around eventually.

Nice guys may finish last, but trust me, they always win this race. :D


k0k s3n w4i said...

"Nice guys finish last.
You're running out of gas.
Your sympathy will get you left behind."

Nice Guys Finish Last (1999) by Green Day

"And let me tell you this, nice guys (and girls; again), just as you may think nobody knows or notices what you do, God does. And He will reward accordingly :)"

So, supposing that there's no God, then the nice guys will go unrewarded then, huh? ;)

Anyway, I'm not sure that it's true that good guys are less successful compared to bad boys. There's a rather famous study into the most desirous traits in males that females want - and intelligence is consistently high on that list.

And I think the guys that are unwanted had to be nice in order to eventually snag a mate. It's like how ugly girls have to develop a personality before anyone would notice them.

I also think that girls only appear to be more attracted to bad boys because males who are already capable of attracting the attention of females tend to indulge in more philanderous behaviour. Their inherent magnetism enabled them to be assholes, so to speak.

manionista91 said...

LOL heard that song n I super love that guy's husky voice. Hahahaha.