Wednesday, June 15, 2011

An Alternative Career?

I was itching to paint my nails.

Although sometimes (very rarely) I like seeing my bare *gasp* naked nails in their original colour, I do prefer them in PRETTY COLOURS--other than nude, of course :D

Which is why I even have posts dedicated just to the updates on my current nail colour :)


Here's the latest ! :D

On my left hand:

 Purple tips on silver

And on my right:

Silver tips on purple

How do you like them? Different hand, different colour some more ar.
Chun lerrrr~ xD

My friend complimented me on them just a few days ago ! Said they were awesome (although she liked the silver tips on purple better--more striking !!! :D) !!

Hm, what do you think of me opening a manicure/pedicure and nail parlour in the future? You know, just in case the teaching thing doesn't work out? haha~ :P

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