Friday, July 22, 2011

It's All Worth It

Shy+blur Hong Wei, with extremely-naughty 
Yew Herng at the back.

Tse Wei at the piano with Ms. Lim,
and Nicolas :)

Super talkative Bryan (he can NEVER keep quiet for too long =.=)
and sweet Siti, who has Down's Syndrome

Our newest student, Zi Xin, who is such 
a pleasure to teach :)

Some of these kids, despite telling them over and over and over again, always forget that a semibreve has four counts, a minim has two, and a crotchet has one. Every week, it's like doing the same lesson all over again. They never seem to get it. @.@

Some of these kids, instead of doing their work, chatter excitedly about their family trip to Malacca, or even to our very own Jusco. And it is very hard to get them to keep quiet once they get going. They are easily distracted with everything. They tease and bully each other, steal one another's pencils and erasers.

Some of these kids nod when you tell them to do something, deceiving you into believing they actually understand what you are saying, and then turn around and do something completely different.

Some of these kids keep falling off the kid stools because they prefer to sit on them like they have two legs instead of four. And no matter how many times you tell them to "Zuo hao hao lai!" (Sit properly!) they never do.

At times like these, they make me want to yell and pull all my hair out in frustration, or shake them until they get it. Sometimes, they make me want to throw my hands up in surrender!

But then there are also moments when they completely redeem themselves.

When they actually DO remember that a semibreve has four counts, a minim has two, and a crotchet has one. When they recognize the Middle C note, and exclaim it triumphantly! When they quietly and diligently finish the homework you gave them. When they answer every question right, even the tricky ones. When they look up at you and smile when you make a little joke for their benefit. :)

These moments remind me that what I'm doing is really worthwhile. These moments assure me that I am not a complete failure of a teacher. These moments convince me that naughty/playful/hyper-active kids are still worth teaching, as long as they have the right heart and attitude.

I am a strong believer in the fact that the right attitude is the key to success in life. You may not be the smartest, or the strongest, or the most capable. You may not have had a string of As in all your public examinations, or the highest GPA in your class. But as long as you have humility, and the earnest willingness to learn, you will do well, and go far.

I can tell, at this age, those who will succeed in the future. You can, you know.

I know of one who will not and, I suspect, will also experience trouble everywhere she goes, if she does not change her ways.

I hope she does, for her sake.

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SandraC said...

u are SOOOOOOOO born to teach. u have all the qualities, patience, wisdom, motherly-ness and u see the good in every thing! Happy to read this post!