Monday, July 18, 2011

A Scary Post

This is a very scary post. I recommend that the weak-hearted should discontinue reading from this point on. (I believe this is scary for both girls AND guys. So guys, if you ain't tough enough, just don't try.)

(Don't say I didn't warn you.)

Have you ever thought about what you will name your kids? What do you plan to name your daughter? Your son? If you had more than one daughter/son? What will their names be? And before even that, how many kids do you wish to have? :D

(Told you it was a scary post. Still not too late to turn back now!)

Such a happy baby! :D

Sam and I, on one of our occasional super-enthusiastic long conversations on the phone, discussed this matter at length.

(Fyi, personally, contrary to most people, I find guys who can commit to long-term relationships really hot, and guys who can discuss such matters of the future without squirming--or throwing up--and avoiding it altogether very attractive. Extremely attractive :D)

Yes, I find that one of the most attractive qualities in a man :)

Anyway, there were a few names we mentioned in our very unusual discussion. (Unusual because this is our first time actually talking about it, and although it felt strange at first, it turned out to be realllyyyy FUN! :P)

My pretty little princess? :)

We both agreed Isabel was a nice name. Hm, typing this out, I realize that we have to also agree on the variations of the name too. It could be Isabel, or Isabelle, even Isobel. And we could call her "Belle" for short! Like the princess in Beauty and the Beast! (Definitely NOT calling her Izzie >.<) Such a lovely name, right? :)

Speaking of Disney Princesses, I think Aurora is a beautiful name! Isn't it? It's unique and sounds so beautiful :) And what about Jasmine? I'd love for my little girl to have the kind of spunk her namesake had in Aladdin. Wouldn't you? :D Ah, Ariel is pretty too! And Melody! Maybe she'll be really gifted in music and singing with a name like that! :P

I kinda like the name Melissa too. It rolls off the tongue rather nicely, and sounds really pretty :) Cheryl and Vanessa sound nice too! And doesn't the name Dawn seem absolutely perfect for a girl? That name carries such beautiful images with it. :D Or Sheryl. Maybe Sheryllyn? Shirlynn is a no-no though. Sam has some weird history with a girl named Shirlynn. Don't ask. =.=

Look at those chubby wittle cheeks, 
and chubby wittle fingers!

David is a no-no for a boy too. Too many Davids around. No Ryan, no Bryan, please. The naughtiest kids I know are named that >.< I like Nicholas, somehow, and Benjamin :) And Sam is allllll for Michael, named for his most beloved idol, the late Michael Jackson. Unfortunately, his brother is also Michael. He grumbled that just because his mum decided to name his brother that, now he can't name his own son Michael! xD

Anyway, if you want inspiration for names for kids, I doubt we can look to the celebrities for good choices. If you don't believe me, just go have a look yourself!

Suddenly, Gwyneth Paltrow's daughter being named Apple sounds pretty decent compared to the others now. @.@

Recently though, David Beckham's latest addition to his brood, born just last 10th of July, is named Harper Seven. I'm not kidding. Look it up.

He has a freakin' number in his name. Wow, if naming your kids numbers is becoming the latest trend, then my question is: how do we determine which numbers are masculine, and which are feminine? Or are all numbers unisexual?

Hm, Six sounds like a feminine name if you ask me. Melissa Six. What do you think?

Why don't they name them all in order then? Beckham should have just named his kids Brooklyn One, Romeo Two, Cruz Three and finally, Harper Four. Can't he count? Tsk tsk.

The tongue's out at you! xD

Another interesting idea for naming your kids: a friend of mine once told me that his parents had already planned that they wanted four kids. So the initial letters of all their names spelled the word LOVE. In order too! Lionel, Ordrey, Vincent and Eugene. How cool is that? Maybe I'll do something like that too, in the future! 

(Don't copy me ar. It's my idea!) (Well, actually, it was Lionel's parents' idea. Fine. But I'm copyrighting that idea! xD)

So what are you planning to name your kids? :D


sHaMiNi @ Winzi Sherlz said...

Lols!tats a great i allowed to do so?:p
nice names babes...i also often think wat names should i put,n i have few in ma list dy.. :)

Lindy said...

Isabel is a really cute name for a daughter!!! Melody and Aurora is nice too. :) If I have a daughter,which )would be years from now) Mackenzie would definitely be her name. LOL!!

SandraC said...

woah ur boyfie is so for keeps. few guys can talk about the future like u said. i like dawn..all the dawns i know are sweet SMART girls. haha..u can try to add number to ur kids names. then they will be super unique!

Liz said...

>>sHaMiNi @ Winzi Sherlz

Noooooo. I've "choup-ed" that idea already! I'M gonna do that xD hehe What kinda names do you have in mind? :D


Mackenzie? Very unique! So would you call her Kenzie, or Mac? :P


Ahaha, I think so too :) Wow, how many Dawns do you know? I don't know a single Dawn personally! >.< I'm thinking if I put numbers, where does it stop? Does it reach till a hundred? As in, Dawn A Hundred? xD

sugarmouse said...

I LOVE THIS!!! :D :D :D used to do this all the time back in high school with my deskmate who is (thankfully) equally as obsessed about names as me! LOL. maybe it's a girl's thing though... i literally had my own "names book" where i'd write down all the pretty/suitable names i come across or think up.

Liz said...

Ooh, you must have a substantial repertoire of names with you by now! Do do share!!! :D

Arnan Koh said...

eh. what is so scary about this post????

anyway. i rather give names with meaning to my children. not just any name....