Monday, July 11, 2011

Love Me Some Falsies!

Last week, I was the emcee for the Young Musicians in Concert organised by the music school at which I teach part-time.

I've been their emcee for the past three annual Christmas Concerts at the music school, located in a tiny nook in Rasah Jaya Phase One. So being the emcee for this year's Young Musicians in Concert isn't such a biggie, right?


This was a much bigger event, held in Auditorium Taman Budaya (the hall behind the State Museum) with an expected audience of 500.

Five hundred people, yo.

When I've only emceed in front of a crowd of like, 80? @.@

In addition to the ganjeong-ness all that already gave me, I only found out I was going to emcee on the Friday before the Concert on Sunday. A mere two days' notice.

Nope. I ain't kidding.

The lady who was supposed to emcee cancelled at the last minute for some emergency reason I was not told of. Ms. Chen, the principal, then called me up (actually, she woke me up--so embarrassing ~.~) at 10.30am on Friday, to ask to me to be the emcee.

Her question certainly jolted me from my drowsy state very effectively, I must say. @.@

I was reluctant, initially, only because it was so last minute I barely had time to wrap my head around it. But I knew what it felt like to have last minute cancellations and people disappoint you, so I said yes. Anyway, this was my former piano teacher we're talking about. I wouldn't mind doing her a favour. I owe her :)

So, with only one full rehearsal on Saturday, I was up onstage on Sunday to strut my stuff. Thankfully, my co-emcee was a very happy-go-lucky, charming guy (four years my junior all right? Don't get the wrong idea =.=) whom I instantly connected with.

On the day of, we were on fire! We even came up with impromptu dialogues to lighten the mood and make the audience chuckle from our lame jokes and antics. Though there were a few slips of the tongue (T.T) I have to say everything went smoothly and pretty well, considering.

The audience had no inkling that just a couple of hours before the show, I had a minor breakdown at home--I was in tears and my hands were shaking so much I couldn't do my make-up properly. >.<

I really have to say my thanks here--to God. When things go well, I seldom remember that He's the one I owe everything to. He was the one behind it, the one who helped me through it, who put the right words in my mouth. The one who gave me the confidence and courage to just go out there in front of all those people, in front of the blinding spotlights, and give my best :)

When my hands were shaking so hard in front of the mirror, I sent up a lightning prayer to God. "God, please help me. Give me calm, and peace."

Which He did! :D

The feedback received was very positive. Ms. Chen made sure to let me know that she'd received comments about the emcee being "beautiful" and "talented". During the intermission after the first half of the Concert, there was even an offer made to my co-emcee and I to emcee for another event elsewhere! :P (Were we really that good? :D)

All in all, it was a great day. I came home feeling utterly relieved and glad that things went as well as they did. The Concert was a success, and our emceeing was a success :)

Anyway, I wanted to post pictures of my outfit for the day, and my make-up! Seeing as I was going to be onstage and bombarded with bright lights, my make-up had to be a little heavier this time, just so I wouldn't look so pale and dull. And in Ms. Chen's words, "The emcees will set the mood for the Concert."

So I had to glam it up, a little, didn't I? :D

This was my first time putting on false eyelashes. I was such a noob at this that I went searching on Youtube for videos on "How To Put on False Eyelashes" the night before the Concert. Nope, ain't kidding here either. >.< My eye shadow range is also abysmal. I had to use some cracked palettes due to the lack of choice :(

My full outfit: Gold shimmery sleeveless top, with a long velvet black skirt 
(which I felt was perfect for the occasion!) and black flower heels :)
I also matched them with a black belt and a long necklace.
p.s: My nails were a shimmery gold too, at the time! <3

Here's a closer look at my face (Forgive my posing with a red rose. But I'd received the rose after the Concert, and we all know red roses are for camwhoring with! xD)

In order of application: Eye shadow--black, grey and shimmery white, glitter eyeliner, mascara and false eyelashes. (I've learned the trick how to put them on! :D)
I guess it explains why girls take so long to put on their face! 

Closer look at my eye make-up, with purple contact lenses on! :)

I'm loving how I look with full-on eye make-up :D 
I could get used to this! *wink*


ken said...

well.. i gotta agree.. the eyes look nice ;)

SandraC said...

wah!! hebat lah u woman can Mcee for 500 over ppl next time my wedding i will sure hire u to do the job since ur so reliable!
Falsies look super good, enlarges ur eyes n gives the baby doll look! =) pretwyyyy

sHaMiNi @ Winzi Sherlz said...

i mus say u look extremely gorjuz and so ladycious!:)love it any event,i shall hire u.. :)

Liz said...

Thank youuuuuuu~ :D