Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Can You Sew? I Can!

Since I was so "busy" and all, I have a backlog of photos that I've wanted to post up and blog about!

They're like, old news now. But what can I do? I'll have to pay for my laziness before T.T

Anyway, this post will be about some of the handmade stuff I've done. :)

For this year's Mother's and Father's Day, it's been really simple. Nothing too extravagant. Just simple cards :)

For Mother's Day, I made this:

accompanied by some lovely Apple Crumble dessert at my grandma's place :)

For Father's Day, I made this:

My brother made the card, even wrote the words
I stuck the buttons on :P

A special dedication message to my dad :)

also accompanied with my twice-successful Steamed Moist Chocolate Cake that my daddy loves so much! :D

And so, for my friend, MayLee's birthday, I thought about what I wanted to get her. Due to time constraints, I considered just buying her a gift when I went shopping at the mall. Maybe a bag? A purse?

Then I heard Chrissy was planning to make her a tiara--because the crazy birthday girl was sooooo into princesses and all. Yes, princesses. And yes, even though she was turning 23. =.=

Make her a tiara? WOW.

My gift seemed so lame then T.T

I was still limited by time. So what can I do?

Hm, maybe I could buy something, and then personalize it? :D

While thinking about what to get for this crazy birthday girl of ours, I remembered seeing her GIGANTIC make-up bag once when we were in uni together. We were supposed to go for a dinner, can't remember which. Was it Choir Night? Or our college annual dinner? Doesn't matter.

Anyway, I remember heading over to her room to wait for her (because Nana and I were done and ready ages ago, but our little "princess" was still "putting on her face") and that's when I noticed her HUGE make-up case.

It was like a mini luggage bag, I kid you not. I could definitely put TWO of my faces in there!!! @.@

Since she is doing her internship right now, I thought, Hey, why not get her a little make-up pouch to bring to work, since she obviously can't be bringing her GIGANTIC make-up case? :D

It'll be like, her little touch-up pouch, where she can fit maybe a tube of lip gloss, some mascara, foundation powder and some eye shadow. And it'll be handy enough to just slip into her handbag. It's certainly more handy than her GIGANTIC make-up case!

Did I mention how GIGANTIC it was? xD (In case you're wondering, I'm just attempting to annoy her when she reads this :P)

Brilliant idea, right? :)

So I got to work. I bought this sweet little cloth pouch that had a jeans design. It even had a little belt around the "waistline" xD

On the other side, though, it was bare. Which was absolutely perfect! :D

Spot the cute little belt? :P

I cut some flower-shaped pieces from different cloths that were not needed anymore around my house. No, it's not unwanted, just recycled cloth :)

Then I sewed on some colourful buttons I had bought earlier, together with the flower-shaped pieces of colourful cloth and voila! Pretty cloth flowers!

Different cloths with different button centers! :D

To personalize it even more, I thought sewing her initials on the pouch in nice, cursive sewn lettering would be a nice touch :)

I asked my mum for help on this one, since I didn't know how to sew, what more know what type of stitch would be able to give me the desired cursive lettering.

My mum demonstrated how to sew the blanket stitch and, there you have it! Pretty cursive lettering for her initials M.L.! And I added a red heart, just to show her some LOVE :D

ML <3

So, there, a lovely personalized make-up pouch!

It was frustrating at first, because it was difficult to sew the darn things. But after a while, when the pretty cursive letters started to form, I felt a little more enthusiastic. And it turned out nicely after all, don't you think? :P

Nicely wrapped in pretty wrapping paper....

....with a card :)

Happy birthday, MayMay~ Hope you loved the gift and our little dinner together! :D

The boyfriend of a friend of mine just recently started a little business making handmade cards and taking orders through Facebook. I think that's pretty cool. :)

My mum's been saying it for years, but do you think if I started a small business like that,  you would buy my handmade stuff? :)


shandye. said...

just a thought: next time try to soak that jeans in some clorox (diluted in some water, of course) to make that 'washed' and 'faded' look. experiment. tie up parts of the denim before soaking will create a sort of 'pecah-pecah' looks when you dry the denim. i learn this from my friend who studied textile processing in polytechnic. cool eh?

Aileen said...

The birthday present is really very pretty!!!! ^^ Good job Sasa!!!

Nava.K said...

great project and looking forward to more from you.

May Lee said...

T___T now i'm all blubbery again! thanks so much sasa!! (ya ya i got the hint about how GIGANTIC my makeup case is -___-")

i like princesses *big shiny eyes*

i wuv you sasa <3 <3 <3 you're really awesome at all these handmade things! you should try your hand at more and then get something going! i'll buy!!

SandraC said...

omg wished my birthday gift was sewn! u like multi talented wan su li!!
yes i would buy ur handmade stuff if u were selling at reasonable price! =))