Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Conquerors !

We'd been planning this for a long time now.

We'd been preparing for it -- mentally, physically, emotionally.

We'd brought our weapons: Armour, sturdy shield and sharp pointy spears.

We were ready to conquer the world !

Okay, not really.

We were just going for a short hike up Broga Hills, in Semenyih.

We'd been planning it for about a week, set the date for the 28th, a Monday.

We were not really prepared for the tough trail and steep slopes. We were all pretty out of shape, panting even as we had just begun. =.=

There were no armours, shields or spears. Just track bottoms, shoes, small towels and snacks.

Broga Hills

Everywhere (well, at least on FB) everyone was hyping about Broga Hills, known for its spectacular view of the sunset at the peak.

So many of my friends had gone there and back with no problem at all. All girls, for that matter. So, it should be no big deal, right? I mean, I've even gone jungle trekking up Gunung Datuk which is one of toughest treks I know of.

Broga Hills should be a piece of cake.

Well, I forgot to factor in the fact that I had been bumming around the house for the past two months with the most exercise I get walking from my bedroom to the hall and then to my seat in front of the laptop.

Needless to say, what had appeared to be a piece of cake turned out to be a whole 2kg cake shoved down my throat ! >.<

Yes, I was the one pretty out of shape.

We set out as a group of six (from the original 8 - 2 couldn't make it at the last minute) in Sam's big Unser (or Angsa as Wen Yun "aptly" put it ! Yes, she actually thought that the Unser is called an Angsa (goose in Malay) =.=) (Well, we had a good laugh over that ! :P)

Wen Yun, our beloved guide ! :P
Angsa ! She's priceless !! ^^

Vicky and his gang of course mates decided to tag along with us to Broga Hills as well. And so there were 3 cars heading up to Semenyih on that Monday, racing along the highway.

During the journey, as always, we were a restless, noisy lot !

I cannot seem to explain it. Every time we meet up, we seem to have been smitten with a bout of laughing gas or something, because we can't stop laughing. After we're done laughing over something (like Wen Yun's Angsa), another thing comes up and we're left in stitches again !

I don't mind, despite the aches in my sides. It's called having a good time. Besides, laughter's the best medicine ! :)

We arrived at the oil palm plantation at the foot of Broga Hills in high spirits. Worried that we might miss the sunset if we did not hurry, we set off immediately.

Everyone was still laughing and teasing and kidding around.

Until we reached the trail.

Barely 5 minutes up the trail, I was panting and pushing down hard on my thighs to force myself onto the next step up. I was confused. Tired? Already?

Can you see me all hot and sweaty?
Yikes. >.<

Slowly, the chatter and laughter died down. All you could hear were groans and sighs.

Within ten minutes you could separate the fit, and the unfit into two clear groups.

The fit ones would be the ones wayyyyy ahead of the group, standing on a ledge, urging the others to hurry.

The unfit ones would be the ones breathing like they were breathing through a loudspeaker, bending over, hands akimbo, going, "Ohmygod, I can't do this, I can't do this."

I was in the latter group.

Pathetic, I know. But in my defense, if I had been walking to classes like I had been in university, this would so not be the case.

But as it were, Yen, Psyduck and myself were the ones straggling behind. Sam took one look at us and sighed. "Okay, I'll help."

A break every 5 minutes was necessary. Really.

Psyduck's face was actually paler than mine. He looked like he was about to throw up. Poor thing. >.<

We actually almost DIED !

(I have a feeling we won't be coming back to Broga Hills anytime soon.)

A long, sweaty, sticky, mosquito-frenzy hour later, we were finally at the first peak, where we took yet another long break. And of course, took photos.

The 'lalang' were actually taller than me !
At first peak :)

Sam: "King of the World !"

Taking photos was the only time I lit up. :)
Then we'd have to climb again >.<

Our small group of 6 decided to ascend up to the second peak. (There are actually four peaks, but apparently the 3rd and 4th peaks are very much tougher. It went without saying that we didn't even consider going up to the last 2 peaks after having almost DIED getting up to only the first two.) Vicky, Ash and the rest decided not to, although they were doing a much better job at climbing Broga Hills than we were.

We waved them goodbye and set off on our journey towards the unknown beyond the point of turning back.

(Sorry, trying to be dramatic. It does sound dramatic now, doesn't it? :P)

No, we just headed up to the second peak, which was a mere 5 minutes climb from the first. We were surprisingly more energized by this stretch, possibly because of the how the air seemed fresher at this altitude, and also maybe because the goal was so close it was within our grasp !

The view was beautiful. All the photos I tried taking with my 2 megapixel handphone camera could never do it justice. So I gave up and ended up just staring at the wide expanse of green and dots of white that were houses.

We admired the clouds and saw squarish box-like ones, and even two that looked like ponies (one fatter than the other).

We finally decided to not wait for the sunset, because it was getting rather dark and after having almost DIED climbing up the first two peaks even in broad daylight, I would not want to attempt sliding down those slopes in pitch darkness. >.<

The pretty sky :) <3

The sky held a tinge of red and orange by the time we decided to head down. And we stopped every stretch of slope or so to admire it. It was really beautiful.

But what I really loved most about standing at the peak, looking out over the ground below, was feeling the breeze. There was a lovely breeze up there. Not the entire time, but every few minutes. A slight gentle breeze that cooled our heated sweaty bodies, and rejuvenated me :)

I took a deep breath, taking in the fresh air, and thought that the journey up there was....pretty worth it :)

Group picture with the guys :)

With Sam offering to be our "cushion" if we fell, he headed the pack down the slope. Again, not as easy as it looks. Going down without slipping was impossible. And it put a strain on the front of our feet and ankles. Everyone was slipping and sliding and yelling. >.<

Finally, we were on level ground and we sank onto Sam's Angs- I mean, Unser's car bumper.

The girls :P

We were definitely exhausted. But we had fun :)

We actually conquered Broga Hills !
We survived :)

We joked that someone had lost their "soul" on the way down.
Yes, pun intended ! XD

Will blog more about what happened AFTER we conquered Broga Hill later :P


iwan said...

wah, bestnya

and Lisa dah gelap

Liz ^^, said...

Alamak. Ya ke???? >.<
Aikzzz. But then I mmg gelap la. haha

SandraC said...

wow!! u see, when u put ur mind to it ur stronger than u seem!
ahahha..kesian u enduring the mozzies and sweat. 2 of my most hated things
congrats on conquering!!and u didnt die! hahaha u go woman!

Liz ^^, said...

Yeah, never thought I would actually survive !!! whooohooo~

Anonymous said...

She thought is Ungsa which is pronounced as "Angsa" :P