Wednesday, June 2, 2010


I feel something strange in my mouth.

I taste something strange too. A metal taste.

I feel around the concave roof of my mouth with my tongue, run it along the backs of my teeth.

There it is.

That taste again.

*wobble* *wobble*

What was that?

I hold one tooth very gently, and slowly, I pull.

It comes off. The tooth.

Blood everywhere. Flowing from my upper lip, on my fingers, on the tooth itself.

I am horrified.

Any idea what that dream means?
My teeth seem to be perfectly fine. =.=


~WilL!@m~ said...

It's time to see the dentist!!! Come see me!! I'll give you a free treatment (for now)....Hehehehehe.....

Or it means something else...just search online. I did once found out that it means a new beginning or some sort. *shrugs*

Liz ^^, said...

Oh. Really? Ahaha. I see. Interesting ! :)

Waaaa. Really anod free treatment orrr. I better print this page out as evidence next time ! Thanks Dr. Willy Walrusssssss~ :D

Hannah said...

erm.............brush yr teeth so you dun get cavities?? haha..mayb you have a baby tooth still hanging on?

Anonymous said...

Did you feel the way the articles mentioned? :P