Saturday, June 26, 2010

Girly-girl Time with the Gurlz

I could NOT believe that we had been college mates and friends for like two years now, and we have NOT crashed May Lee's place ! How unfathomable ! *gasps*

We've crashed Chrissy's place in PJ for her 21st birthday, but not May Lee's new house in Subang Jaya. The injustice, right? I know ! So of course we invited ourselves over to May Lee's house for a sleepover. :)

"Hey babe, let's have a sleepover at your place ! How's 23rd for you?"
"Oh-kay babe, let me ask ma mummeh first !"

After a week of "Oopsie, I forgot !" and "I'll ask her at dinner, I promise !" we were set for the Invasion-of-SJ@MayLee's-place on the 23rd of June. :)

I was excited. Like, really excited. It was so exciting ! Wouldn't you be excited? :D

Not exactly my first time in SJ - my cousins stay in USJ 14 (I think.) (Or was it SS14? These names are so confusing ! I give up *throws hands up in air* >.<), nor is there really anything rather fascinating about SJ to begin with.

That is not the point. The point, the reason for excitement, is, that I was gonna have some nice girly-time doing girly things with my girls (I like how that sounds, so there !) :P

Well, a perfect girly-time of girly things with the girls absolutely MUST consist of:

A. Nail-painting sessions !

Chrissy painting my nails !

Our beloved Chrissy was the self-volunteered manicurist for the day (or night, as it were). She was as anxious and excited to paint our nails as we were to get our nails pampered and painted oh-so-prettily for us ! I was like, "Paint my nails ! Paint my nails !" and at the same time Chrissy was, "Let me paint your nails ! Let me paint your nails !"

I brought my collection of nail polish, about four (still usable) bottles of nail polish, all in different shades of purple (I just noticed =.=). But it was nothing compared to Ms. Christina Ann Sebastian's. She brought a whole BOX of nail polish of various colours and shades, glittering and shimmering under the lights !

There were so many colours I wanted to try ! "Ooh, this colour is nice !" "Oh, and this one is so sweet !" "This colour is so chun wei !" And Chrissy, being the pro manicurist she is, "Why don't you try this? I think this colour suits you." Or, "I'm trying to sell this colour; try it and see !"

My gold nails with gold glitter :) Heart them !
And heart Chrissy !

Oh, you can't imagine how pampered I felt to just place my hands into the very capable hands of our dear Ms. Chrissy to be painted and made pretty. It's oh-so-relaxing I assure you ! Well, except for the occasional: "Now, blow your nails dry !" and "Don't you DARE scratch your face - you'll smudge your nails !" >.<

B. Gossiping :)

Oh well, I hate to admit it, but being girls, we gossip. It's kinda like second nature. A nasty habit I guess, but how else are we to keep up-to-date with current happenings, or feel satisfied after dissing an awful horrible person? (Well-deserved, believe me.)

We keep up-to-date with the latest Boy News. Like who went out with whom, who had dinner with whom, who got lost on Gasing Hill for hours alone with whom *ahem*. Or, the current status on existing relationships. We'd pour out our woes of the subordinate species (yes, the males). You have no idea what we women have to go through and put up with ! It's only because we have such big, forgiving hearts. Thank God for us. :P

And dissing about someone who absolutely gets on your nerves, or rubs you up the wrong way is a necessity. I mean, how on earth can you keep all that powerful negative emotions inside? It isn't healthy ! Sharing with a bunch of attentive, eager female buddies amidst enthusiastic nods of agreement and "Exactly !" "That is so true !" is practically therapeutic !

No wonder we feel better after gossi- I mean, sharing. :)

C. Makan time !

What's fun without food? And being in SJ, we get to taste food on May Lee's turf ! For dinner the first night, we had Burger Ganja. And oh yes, it is as sinful as it sounds. The burger was really delicious, from a Ramlee Burger stall parked along a road somewhere on SS15 (Am I right?). I was sceptical. Burgers so addictive they're like ganja (cocaine)? =.=

Oh, but we were spoiled for choice. There was chicken/beef burgers, Specials, with Cheese, hot dogs. All ranging from RM 3.50 to RM 4.50. Which is pretty decent, I think. I had the Chicken Burger Cheese Special (which is chicken burger patty + cheese + egg + black pepper sauce + vege).

It was so GOOD. Really. Sitting by the roadside on stools, trying desperately to hold my burger in place as it falls apart, oozing with black pepper sauce running down my entire palm, it was truly a unique experience, to say the least. (It was so messy I will not post any pictures of that here !)

And the burger was freakin' awesome ! Addictive, I finally concede, if I were to live somewhere nearby. :) Annddddd they open right up till 5.00 am in the morning ! Good news for all those supper- and I-get-hungry-early-in-the-morning people :)

At the organic food shop :)

We also had organic food for brunch the next day (we could not wake up in time for breakfast after having chatted and gossiped and cackled till early morning =.=) at a place where apparently, May Lee and her family's been to for more than ten years. Whoa. o.O

Despite what you think, organic food is NOT all bland and tasteless, or that expensive. It's actually rather tasty ! :D I loved the soup with turnip strips and dates and kei chi, the sweet+sour pumpkin tau foo, the basil omelette (it was so fragrant !), the broccoli and the fresh turnip and papaya !

In Chrissy's words,
"I've never eaten and felt thinner until now. I feel thinner !"

Well, it did make you feel all healthy and good :D

At Snowflake, before our sweets

Oh, but then again, we did give in to sweet desserts at Snowflake after our "organic" lunch, also along SS15 (I think?). Shaved ice with yam and sweet potato-flavoured taro balls, with red beans and pearl. Yummehhhh~ :D

My Taro ball series + red bean + pearl

And again, after dinner the previous night at Happy Bean. This was different okay? :P

Finally, the ultimate ingredient to a perfect girly-time of girly things with the girls *drum roll*:

D. Shoppinggggg

Oh, how can a bunch of girls meet up in a place overflowing with shops and boutiques and not shop? It's unthinkable !

So that's what we did all day Thursday. :)

While shopping :P

Well, none of us actually bought anything, except a RM10 top for May Lee and myself. But there's no harm in trying on dresses and ooh-ing and aah-ing over them right? I mean, when you shop in a group, that's what the others are for ! To admire and tell you how awesome you look in that dress ! Or how a particular dress actually makes your boobs look bigger ! (I wish I could have gotten that dress. Sigh.)

I loved this dress. *sigh*

Again, another therapeutic activity. See, we girls are so into all this therapeutic stuff ! :)

It was so much fun, going from shop to shop to shop to shop, trying dresses on, twirling around in front of the mirror, admiring yourself, admiring the others (May Lee is so fair, it's UNfair ! >.<) and agreeing/disagreeing on what tops we thought were nice/cute.

Ah, I had so much fun with this bunch of girls ! So much so, I wish we can do it again sometime soon !

Thanks May Lee for being our "gracious" hostess ! And many thanks to your family for having us, and being nice enough not to mention how we totally disrupted their sleep with our maniacal cackles and laughter at ungodly hours ! :D

Love you allllll~


May Lee said...

woi why the inverted commas around 'gracious'? HMPH.

but yes, had an awesome time!! =DD

Arnan Koh said...

I must say that your finger-nails... well... (at least from the photo).... look like vampire nails


but definitely better than the liquid paper ones... .

~WilL!@m~ said...

Sigh...if only Seremban has an Organic Shop too....I'll be the first to be its loyal customer! :P

Liz ^^, said...

Cos you're suuuchhhh a "gracious" hostess ma !!! XD Miss ya babeee ! Muakzzzz~

Woi. Apa vampire. Always say like vampire nia. Ishh. It's nice kayyy

I know right? Wish there were shops like that here. The food is reallllyyy good ! :)

Aileena said...

Did you place your hand on your new bed sheet? It really looked like mine wei...lolx..

Liz ^^, said...

Ahaha. Yeah, didn't I tell you that my mum bought the bed sheets that looked like your KML ones? Yes, that's the one ! XD

xinli said...


oh the shopping blasphemy!

Liz ^^, said...

It was pretty, kan??? *sighs*
I knowwwww.
Banyak regret nowwww >.<