Monday, March 21, 2011


Please read the following in an appropriate solemn, grave and sombre mood.

Because I had a near-death experience earlier today, honest to God.

I was on my way downstairs for dinner with Nana, my ex-roomie and Chrissy. I was on the fourth floor and Nana's room was way down on the ground floor. I was late cos I overslept my nap-time. So I also had to rush through my shower and hurriedly scrub my clothes.

I changed into my comfy jammies, grabbed my room keys and phone, locked the door, walked briskly to the end of my corridor and..........

I slipped on a puddle.

A puddle that had collected from water leaking from the roof of my floor.

May I repeat that?


Every time it rains, the roof leaks. A few months ago, it was worse. Water would leak from the ceiling in my room and I'd come back to my room with all my books and notes drenched in disgusting rain+asbestos-powder water. Then I'd have to lay all my notes out on the floor, like a paper collage, to air-dry them.

But they'd always have a hideous water stain. >.<

Now, it's gotten better, only in the sense that it doesn't leak in my room anymore. But it sure as hell still leaks outside in the corridor.

Some days, after the rain, I'd wake up to puddles everywhere--beside my slippers, at the door of the room opposite mine, near the dustbin, at the entrance of the bathroom etc.

This was the first time I'd slipped on one.

And gosh, I can't tell you how fast my heart was beating after that. It was so scary.

In all sense of the phrase, I really had a near-death experience.

If I had really lost my balance and slipped and fell, I could have fallen down the stairs, split my head open, and then gained a pretty halo to go with my new wings.

Seriously, people. I could have died.

I'm not being dramatic. Isn't it the truth?

You can even see the leak stains from the rain water @.@
(top right corner)

Why does the college have this kind of ceiling? We're on the TOP FLOOR for goodness' sake. This isn't the kind of ceiling you should use for the top floor ! It leaks, like, all the time, every time it rains.

Just because we pay less in a public university, doesn't mean that you can spend less, save more and compromise our safety.

If I had died, I would sue you.

Well, not exactly me, seeing as I'm dead and can't actually legally sue you for damages, but you know what I mean. =.=


shandye. said...

next time klu kena wat shooting video i nk mintak permission shoot kat koridor kolej u la lisa...

setting dh mcm cter hantu jepun dh.



SandraC said...

DAMn...u should go office and COMPLAIN!! i fell many many times in my old hostel..down the stairs 2 times and i always thank God i never die or too seriously injured. MOVE OUT LAH!!

Ðârren said...

yikes, su li! D= i'm glad you're alright.
p.s. sue the darn people responsible for that leaky roof >.<