Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Tea Party

The sad truth is that human beings are self-centered. We may mask it pretty well sometimes, but in the core, we're selfish. Always have been, and somehow I doubt that innate nature is going to change anytime soon.

We lie, we cheat, we steal, we kill, we hurt, we backstab, we shove, we abandon, we neglect, we take advantage.

And wouldn't you agree that most of the time, we do them for selfish reasons? It's always "Me, Myself and I". It's now rare to find people who actually genuinely care about other people besides themselves. :(

Here's a poem that I heard during the sermon today. And it really struck me. The author may have written it with a hint of light-heartedness, meant to amuse, but I know she meant more than that. I read it, and I feel sad.

If we do not change our me-myself-and-I-ways, we're gonna end up being sad, pathetic, lonely people who have nobody who cares about them at all.


I had a little tea party
This afternoon at three. 
'Twas very small-
Three guests in all-
Just I, myself and me.
Myself ate all the sandwiches, 
While I drank up the tea;
'Twas also I who ate the pie
And passed the cake to me.

~Jessica Nelson North


SandraC said...

its sad how true the poem is..and i hope we as future teachers can impart a little kindness to allow the younger ones to learn to give more than receive. =)

Ðârren said...

thanks for sharing this, su li. i really liked the poem, and that doesn't happen very often, considering the number of poems i read in my literature classes here =|