Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Ikan Kering (Dried Fish)

Now, here's something you don't expect to see while walking back to your college on a scorching mid-evening day:

Can you see it?

 What IS that???

It's a fish.
(Fried to a crisp from the burning sun, I suppose.)

I am totally not kidding.

These photos are 100% authentic, and not doctored in any way. Jessie is my witness. She saw the weird, dried-up fish too ! @.@

I was on my way back to my college, just passing by the construction area down the slope along Pusat Pengajian Am (PPU) when I noticed something which I thought was a piece of wood.

It wasn't. @.@

I wonder how it got there? Any ideas?


Hannah said...

is it alive????
if not, maybe somebody dropped it by accident after their trip to the market.
if it is, well....JAPAN NUCLEAR RADIATION WEI!! lol...

SandraC said...

that my fren is a ikan haruan..puts up a good fight when fishing. these pesky fish can go on for hours without water cause they're like "pariah" fishes..(like tought pariah dogs survive the streets)
my guess is that it got caught or accidentally jumped out of some lake(freshwater)and wiggled all the way to the place of death u found it in..
the last haruan i caught lasted 24 hours without water and busy jumping up and down non stop..

Liz ^^, said...

Japan nuclear radiation???? @.@ haha

Wow, really? That's interesting ! You really think it's possible? Well, the nearest source of water is a pretty good distance away--Engineering Fac lake. Reaalllyyyyy a long distance. Could it really be possible it came from there? But why would it jump out of the lake in the first place???? =.=

aten88 said...

thats really something u don't see everday..
hahahah..R.I.P dear fishy..

Hannah said...

it was feeling sucidal?