Sunday, March 6, 2011

Silver is Gold !

Just got back from Choir Night -- our Choir's annual dinner cum Annual General Meeting (AGM) :D

Man, I'm stuffed ! @.@

Too lazy to post up pictures and talk about it. Just yet. (I'm feeling the signs of a headache coming on -- lack of sleep, ARGH ! =.=)

I promise, I'll blog about that later. :D

(On second thought, I'll rescind that. My thesis deadline is up soon and I'm so not done !!!! T.T)

But I wanted to show you what I'd done with my nails these past two weeks !

This is silver.

Aren't they simply gorgeous? :D

And they totally match my jeans !!! :P

I kinda like the silver. But Jessie said they were too "Lady Gaga" for me :(
And Sam said that I suited sweeter colours like pastels, not silver T.T

I don't care. I like them ! :D
They're the BOMB !!!!! xD

Then I also tried dark maroon/red, with 3 spots of silver in a row.
Kecantikan, yes? :D

(Ooh, btw, that flower ring was made for me by a friend. 
Well, actually, she made it and I took it from her. Oopsie.
Pretty, kan?)

The silver dots are really simple to do. 
I did these a mere 30 minutes before my 8.00am class !

Yup, specially for Choir Night :)

Speaking of Choir Night, here's a sneak peek at how I looked/what I wore 
to the buffet dinner at Hotel Equatorial, Bangi :)

Did my hair and my eyes all by meself too ! 
Quite an achievement for a make-up-impaired 
person like me ! *proud*

I'll tell more soon ! (Hopefully. If I have time la. :P)

p.s: I'm officially FREE of my Vice Presidential duties !! whooohooooo~ :DDDDDDD

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SandraC said...

u look very pretty! ur make up sense is natural so its good! the silver makes u look like got some metal poisoning..i prefer the red maroon one!