Sunday, February 22, 2009

Choir Night 2009

Hey, let's camwhore!!! XD

May Lee, Chiew Yen and me, obviously bored
Posing with erm, poker cards

Chiew Yen and I

Bu May Lee and I :)

Tata and I
I'm gonna miss you loads!!

Celebrate the Seasons
Hotel Equatorial, Bangi

I decided to wear my blue dress in the end. Was going back and forth between the green dress with a cute white belt, or a more formal blue one for weeks. Phew. Such a difficult decision, I swear. Why don't guys have troubles like these? *grumble grumble*

The place was great. Not too big, not too small; just nice. :)
kudos to Rachel for securing the location! I mean, it's a 5-star hotel!! Air-conditioned, with plush cushiony seats and a napkin which we all debated if it were for tucking in at the collar, or spreading across the lap. (It's for the lap, fyi)

Being part of the committee for Choir Night, it was pretty nerve-wrecking actually, come Saturday evening.
Planning it was no easy task. There were a few complications, and a disappointing lack of response in the beginning. But everything turned out great in the end. At least, I hear of people saying they enjoyed the night, so that's good right?

I was really excited about Choir Night ever since they told us there would be one, every year. I'd already bought my dress last
year. Yeah, a little enthusiastic I guess. XD
It's a night where we get to dress up, eat nice and have fun with friends who were like family! How cool is that?

Which is why I was soo surprised at the poor response from the rest! I kept wondering why on earth would they
not wanna go? None of my friends were going in the end. Except May Lee. I was sorely disappointed. Was soo looking forward to dressing up together and getting each other's make up done, and hanging out and joking around and....and....Oh well.

Food was pretty good too! Hadn't had shark's fins soup in aaaaggggeeess!!! (Don't say a word about inhuman treatment of sharks -- you're just jealous!!) But it was funny how we all had to wait for Hoc Mun to take out his camera and take a few shots of the steaming hot dishes before we were allowed to dig in. Well, not that funny when you're drooling and your stomach is growling. But all of us complied, for the sake of art of course.

Performances were nice. My favourite was the final year seniors' item -- dancing and singing! Was hilarious!! :P Watching them free-style dancing to
I Like to Move It from Madagascar was definitely the funniest thing I'd seen in a while. teehee

And the photo-taking! OMG.
There were sooo many cameras and flashes were just going off everywhere! We had no idea which camera to face! Even till the end of it all, we hadn't come up with an efficient enough system of taking photos without yelling,

"Hey, which one now?"
"Look where
Aiyo, not ready not ready!!"
"Oh, no! I think I blinked!!"

When it was over, I had stars in my eyes for a pretty good amount of time.

My feet were killing me! The price we girls have to pay for wearing high heels. Seriously, if I weren't so er, vertically-challenged, I'd never
ever wear heels. I'd consider them a torture tool.

Even with heels, I looked er, vertically-challenged. Sigh.

Anyways, height blues aside, it was a great night!

Just wanna wish all my outgoing seniors all the best in life! Thanks for all your support! Artisukma Choir UKM wouldn't be what it is now without you! I'm definitely going to miss you guys....*sniff sniff*

Muakz muakz!!

Can't wait for next year!!

Hmm, what should I wear? XD
p.s: Someone requested I post the pictures of my 2 dresses. haha Okay then, let me know whether I made the right decision!


J e n n Y said...

hey no full picture of your dress?
post the green dress as well. Hehe

chingZ said...

I know you're so gonna miss us one :P Muahahahaha :P

Lisa ^^, said...

This OLD man damn perasan laa...
I had people like Juanita and Fui Na in mind. Hm, nope, never thought about you at all. XD

J e n n Y said...

wow! love the blue dress babe.
Definitely the right choice =p

Lisa ^^, said...

Thanks babe!! haha I liked it better too. Some others said green one much better so got me kinda confused. The green was actually for Christmas ma. haha So yeah, blue it was. :P

sHaMiNi @ Winzi Sherlz said...

gal...i luv ya blue dress...u look WOW init!!!u deff made de rite choice darlin!!!gotta tel u sumtin...i noe u gonna fly high!!!lol...u lukin dam sweet n gorjuz!!! :)hehem..wonder what's the secret??

muaks...miz ya...

Lisa ^^, said...

Awwwwwww Thanks babe!! Appreciate it...haha No la, you looking even more gorgeous la babe!! When you gonna intro me 2 The Boss laa?? XD

David Leong Kin Ming said...

Yeah the blue one was the right one. HEHE. I would be more critical about the green one if you did wear it.

I was more busy looking into your room really, so nice compared to KIZ.. cis! =)

Lisa ^^, said...

Why? What's wrong with the green one? Nice apa. Wear with a cute white belt and long beady necklace with white heels, chunn whaatttt

Btw, that's not my KTHO room my dear. It's my house in Seremban punya room le. haha Of course not as nice la. Next time I post a pic of my KTHO room la. hehe

leecha said...

you said you wear blue dress in the what is the choice in the beginning ? ^-^