Tuesday, February 24, 2009

HELP? *gulp*

I looked around me. There was nothing but disaster. In my panic, I shouted, "Help! Help!"

But it was all in vain. No one could hear my cries now. I was very much on my own.

I ran until it felt like my lungs were going to give out. My legs ached. Beads of perspiration formed and trickled down my face, stinging my eyes, obscuring my vision.

Oh, no! A dead end.

I swerved to my right, panting heavily. I could sense him right behind me; enormous, his footsteps causing a mini earthquake.

I kept running, avoiding the overturned pots and pans; fear driving me to push myself to the limit despite every muscle in my body yelling at me to stop.

I turned to look at him. He was gaining on me!


I felt a sharp pain in my tail. I looked toward the source of the pain -- it was trapped, caught.
Defenseless, I thought.

I shivered. I looked up.

And there he was; laughing, sinister.

He grabbed me by the tail and held me over a large pail of water.

He stared me in the eyes, still laughing.

And I knew I was doomed.

p.s: This is a story (edited) that my partner and I came up with when our lecturer (yes, the same one) asked us to complete the essay. She gave us only that first line. The rest is ours. :P


J e n n Y said...

I always like to read the stories you post. Keep it coming!

mann said...

isit a cockroach

may lee!! said...

omg. its so you. is it a rat?

Lisa ^^, said...

I had a rat in mind yes. Well, it has a tail, and the guy was gonna drown him. Hoc Mun suggested a hen though. haha is it possible? I don't know. Cockroach got tail meh?? Anyways, up to your own interpretation XD

David Leong Kin Ming said...

Oh no, some1's head kembang already. It's ok reptilian.. it's ok..

It's pest control! haha

Lisa ^^, said...

Where gotttttt
My head still the same size wor. I measured (not really, but I'm pretty sure of it).
Stop calling me Reptilian Davieeeeeeeee!!

Arnan Koh said...

The story was wonderful. Keep it up... And help me in the MPH essay. I just don't know what to write.

Anonymous said...

cool.... drown only a?? i thought wat they usually do is pour with hot water?
hmm.. *tinking*
anyway, since ppl mentioned reptilian, it can be a lizard, kan? haha...

Lisa ^^, said...

haha I intend to write in too. But I'm idea-less!!!! *sighs*

Don't start okay. It's a rat, okay. A rat. Besides, if it were a lizard, the tail would have dropped off already. haha XD

Anonymous said...

Alahai... Ppl know it's a rat la.. Anyway, I thought lizard's tail only drop off when ppl step on it? haha..... XD

Lisa ^^, said...

Nooooo. You frighten the poor fella the tail will drop out de. I think. >.<