Thursday, February 26, 2009


"Who, here, believes that there is no such thing as luck?"

Two hands were raised. Mine included.

is such a thing as luck."

He elaborated.

"Let's just say, there is this man, who gets into politics and maintains a high position in a government ministry. He asks his hill-billy contractor cousin to sign a contract worth RM5 million but is planning to charge the client RM7 million. They profit RM2 million from it, and in that instant, the hill-billy guy, is a millionaire."

"The guy just happened to rub shoulders with high people. He was just in the right place, at the right time."

"If that is not luck, what is it?"

My lecturer tells us that in one of our digressions (as usual) from the actual topic. But the thing is, our digressions are always interesting, so we don't mind a bit. Plus, I like this lecturer. Contrary to other times though, I just could not agree with what he said this time.

My belief is that there is
no such thing as luck.
People don't happen to be in the right place at the right time, or, conversely, at the wrong place, wrong time.

I believe whatever we do, whatever happens, it was
meant to happen. By God.
Every experience we have is meant for
us at that particular moment in our life. The reason being that we will benefit and learn from it.

There is no CHANCE happening.

One of the views of luck:
Luck as a Fallacy

It is a view that holds the idea of "luck is probability taken personally". For example, every incident happening, an accident maybe, has a logical, mathematical, rational probability for it happening. But people take it personally. They emphasize on the fact that it happened to
People who believe in this view of luck, believe that when 2 events happen in sequence, they must have a causal relationship. In simpler terms:
A happens (some event that they believe to attract luck) and then B happens.
A caused B.

An example given from Wikipedia:

A brick falls on a man walking below, and it is blamed on his
bad luck. But the reality is, there are soo many factors that can be explained logically, mathematically, rationally, on the probabilities of that happening to anyone who walked near that building.

Things that happen to us are never by chance.

Impossible. No way.

I believe that if you believe in God, it's never chance, or LUCK.


h0cmun said...

Em, I usually don't argue about luck, if people believe in luck, then probably there is a chance where we can share our belief instead.

my interpretation of luck is God's blessing. The same way we don't chase after blessings, the same way we don't go after good luck.

Lisa ^^, said...

I guess, but for me, the whole idea of luck means that it's all by chance. And I can't accept that. Everything is not by randomly being picked out of a giant wheel, or hat, but with its own specific reasons and purposes. That's what I think.

Aravin said...

i don't really believe in luck because i walk by the stand, EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON AND IF SOMETHING HAPPENS THERE SHOULD BE AN ACTION BEHIND IT. and luck in my opinion is something that is unexplainable and it has never been proven. luck isn't really my favorite topic to argue about.

Arnan Koh said...

Luck... There is no such thing... But rather you can call the good things that happen to you blessing.

I believe in blessing. Tell your lecturer that. It was part of God plan. His master plan which is special for everyone.

Even my lecturers say that in exams that some divine intervention is needed for you to get As.

David Leong Kin Ming said...

luck = chance.

If one believes in luck, then one should believe that Earth came about as a result of sheer probability.
If one does not believe in luck, that person believes in a practical reason for which the event occured. Then the logical question to ask is what caused the cause? And what caused the cause of the cause? Until one conclusion can be made. There simply must be a higher order by which events occur right?

Here's a thought. People who believe in luck might just tell you
1. it is by chance that you're believing in 'no luck'/'God'
2. people create a weak psychological reasoning, such as religion to help them reason with why things occur, thereby labelling us as weak.

Anonymous said...

hmm... interesting..
just sth for argument..
if luck means by chance, then there comes the mathematics concept 'probability'. If there's no luck, does it mean 'probability' does not stand too?
so.. i tink definition of 'luck' is not 'by chance'. coz chance can be calculated...
i tink i made it confusing??

siawase_tenshi said...

Perhaps luck is just another word for 'coincidence', 'fate' or 'God's blessing', whichever way you choose to call it. I believe I wouldn't mind if somebody credits his or her success to a combination of sheer hard work and good luck, but I cannot accept if someone blames unfortunate events in life entirely on so-called 'bad luck'. That soundslike superstition~blind beliefs.