Sunday, February 22, 2009

From Brunette to Redhead

(Just the night before actually)

Yes, people.


As of 4.47pm, 22nd of February 2009, a Sunday evening, my hair
Personal hair stylists:

1) May Lee

2) Aileena

The equipment:

Colour cream, solution-to-mix-dye-with,
hair conditioner and plastic gloves.

Why? people ask. Why NOT? I answer.

Now's the time to experiment, and play around, experience and try out something new.

The experience was...interesting to say the least. Fui Na (who lives 3 doors down) mentioned that she heard us screaming "My hair, my HAIR!!!" that afternoon. I denied.

It was actually "My hand, my HAND!!"
May Lee (who was the one rubbing the dye into my hair) was squealing cos the dye had gotten onto her hands
despite the gloves.

So she pretty much looked like she'd just murdered someone. Or slaughtered a chicken.

Nana's hands were spotted with "blood" from goodness knows which animal now.

Me? I was pretty much clean.

I've always been conventional when it comes to hairstyles. Hair colour included.
Now, I've taken my first step to growing more courageous and daring where (hair) fashion is concerned.

Well, okay, it's not that daring cos' I mean, it's just red. Tons of people dye their hair red, right?
But this is new for
me. This is something different for me. This is stepping out of my comfort zone.

I was willing to try something new.
And it's exhilirating!!

Such an achievement!! Thank you thank you!!
*bows to imaginary audience*

Try it yourself ;P
The product:

(can you see it can you see it???!!!)


chingZ said...

Not much difference eh... put not enuff izzit?

mann said...

r u using dark brown...of coz not obvious unless under light and sun dear....see mine, its dark brown...:P

Lisa ^^, said...

dunno la, the time I took the photo was actually at night la. Haha maybe that's why can't see. It's actually pretty obvious de wor. haha Next time I see you you see for yourself and tell me can see or not la. XD

may lee!! said...

don't forget the time when a whole glob of the damn dye fell on my leg! i think i screamed like a person getting murdered.

Lisa ^^, said...

>>may lee!!
haha yeah, you know fui na heard you. kakahhhh
But thanks soo much for helping out!! *hugs* muakz muakz

h0cmun said...

where is the red?
by the way you don't use your hand to dye the hair, there should be a comb in the procedure... hmmm

The Bee said...

so you finally did it!!!!
just for fun s sake no harm
an adventure for you though it seems to be a hilarious one for your makeover team!!
well so feel different?? walking tall???
just have fun with the dye loh
so when is nana's turn?
from photo you look good
but not clear if you highlighted only or dye the whole crown...
see the new you soon.....

Lisa ^^, said...

Well, there IS red. You can't see cos didn't use your awesome camera take ma. XD
We DID use comb. I think. But they gave plastic gloves, so we assumed. *shrugs*

>>The Bee
It's not highlights, but a full dye. Cos we were thinking that to highlight is very very difficult. Must know right proportion, plus, if you don't highlight the right places will not look nice lo. So in the end, save trouble, dye ALL :)

Arnan Koh said...

actually... i don't see much difference.. Only thing i did notice was that you were wearing different clothes. Your hair looks combed and Okay!! a slightly different shade.
I must say the smile is the same and is the best thing I love about the two pictures.

Lisa ^^, said...

Thanks Arnie!! XD