Saturday, February 14, 2009

Music To My Heart

We waited in anticipation.
The nerves were starting to kick in.
My heart was pounding. My hands were trembling.
Despite the darkness, I had a strange feeling that everyone could see me, shivering like a leaf.

I waited.
Then came our cue.
This is it. It's time.
I ran out onto the stage, wondering how I had gotten my feet to work when my mind couldn't.

My flowing skirt swished about me noiselessly, making my not-so-graceful movements, look more graceful.
My hands tapped the tambourine in time to the music.

I didn't think.
Couldn't think.
Almost paralyzed with fear, I remembered, with a sudden realization, that this wasn't about me.
It never was.
It was about the story of hope, in God's love.
And my role is to do my part to the best of my ability, and trust that God will use us -- our dancing, our acting, our singing -- to touch the hearts of all those people out there. Right now.

Looking out into the crowd, I couldn't help but smile now.
A big smile. :)
No fear.

Last Thursday night, was truly a night to remember.

A night of songs and music, of dance, of mime, of drama.
A night of giving your all, of love, and of hope.

After weeks of practice, after weeks of stressing out and getting hit by flag poles (on the head, and toe), it was finally here:


Everything went perfectly.

The band was awesome (playing songs written by one of our own :P), the candles didn't go off, the mime was entrancing, the drama was great, everyone remembered their steps, and I didn't drop my flag during the closing song (which is an achievement!)!! :)

It ended on such a high note. The band totally rocked it out with
My Redeemer Lives at the end.
I was jumping about till I was out of breath.

And it felt absolutely, completely and utterly

God was truly with us that night.

Can't wait for next year :P

Tata and I (in my angel costume!)

May Lee and I - look like sisters? XD

Direct senior & direct junior

In the cafe after :)

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