Friday, May 27, 2011

Chef Once More

Since I'm on such a long holiday now (till September yo! xD) I guess I should start working on my cooking skills more eh? :P

Actually, I don't really mind cooking. I just hate the preparing part. You know, mincing and chopping and slicing and grating and cutting and peeling and marinading. Don't like doing that much.

Oh, and I don't like the spurting oil either. I mentioned that the last time I was helping to make murukku didn't I? I'm absolutely terrified of it. I squeal every time I think I got some on my hands or arm >.<

(My mum's expression when that happens ------> =.=|||)

And I dislike the cleaning up part too. The washing and scrubbing and rinsing and drying and get the picture.

So you see? I don't have a problem with the actual cooking besides the spurting oil. I just hate the before and after.

Anyway, here's another attempt at making dinner !

Dish 1: Cabbage with carrots and garlic seasoning 
I love the natural sweetness that comes from the carrots. 
Simple, but one of my favourites! :D

Dish 2: Steamed Egg
Unfortunately it didn't turn out smooth. My mum says to get that you'd have 
to steam it over a very slow fire. Is that right? Sorry, next time then >.<
Heyyyy. It didn't look too aesthetic but, trust me, it tasted fineeeeee :D
(And don't worry, those aren't scorch marks. It's just some soy sauce that I sprinkled 
on the top. How bad of a cook would I be to botch up Steamed Egg???!!! @.@)

Dish 3 (Main Course): Tomato Chicken
This was what earned me 7.5 points. The gravy was sweet and sour enough with the right consistency. And my mum had taught me to put it in the thermos pot to sit in for a while before serving so the meat was tender and juicy. I was also glad we decided to add more tomatoes. It was just perfect! :DDDDD

Everything turned out fine :) 

My dad gave me a 7.5/10 this time !! Which is really rather good, coming from my dad (since he's the biggest food critic in the world.) (Okay, fine. We all know I don't mean 'in the world', but he's tough on my mum's cooking all the time. So getting a 7.5 out of him as an amateur is superbly good !!!! :P)

Burning the house down with my cooking attempts is no longer a worry, it seems ! :D

I call that SUCCESS !!!!! :)

Let me end with a very random thought (but is somehow related cos it's cooking-related):

Dare to be different.
Dare to stand out.

(See how it's cooking-related cos I'm using chillies? :D)
(I noticed one red chilli amongst the green, and I thought it was 
worth snapping a picture of. Cool right?)
(I already warned you this was gonna be random!)


shandye. said...

i tk reti memasak. i reti tengok top chef kat c702 kat astro je. lolz...

p/s: tolong singgah ke link ni [Nikon Extra Ordinary Angles] & tekan 'LIKE' buleh tak? thanks in advance!

Isaac Tan said...

it looks good actually

Hannah said...

hey maybe during hols our families can have dinner together and we cook! lol..cookout night=)

SandraC said...

u are random! haha..good lah ur using ur holl time wisely! post new pics of watever catches ur interest!