Friday, May 13, 2011

Them Babies

I've always adored babies.

I still do.

Sure, children can be a handful--they can get antsy, they can't sit still, they talk too much, they don't listen to a word you say, they bang on the keys of the piano even though you've told them not to. (Had my fair share of dealing with children in the music class I teach. Don't say I don't know. >.<)

The trigger for this rambling: three kids playing "fishing" (with actual nets!) 
in church the other day. I couldn't resist capturing them in a photo :P

But somehow, babies just warm my heart. :) (Well, excluding the diaper-changing and spit-up cleaning.)

I think they have this natural ability to make me smile whenever I see them--with their drooling chin and almost-there baby teeth, or their rubber band wrists and their chubby little cheeks. And their smile. They have such a cute smile :D

I've reached the stage where, when I look at babies, I think of motherhood, and by motherhood, I mean for myself.

I know I'm pretty young--too young--to be thinking about motherhood. But it's one of those things where I daydream about: having kids, being a stay-at-home mom, where my kids are as close as I am with my parents, where we adore and respect each other. I wanna know if I can be that some day.

I feel the same way about marriage. While all my peers are thinking, "I'll maybe get married after I my career is established," or "Marriage? After I'm 30 !!!" or "Why settle down so quickly? See the world, do everything you wanna do first."

But not me.

Sweet baby Isabel, 2yo, was folding tiny bits of paper and giving them, one by one, 
to my dad, who was sitting beside me. How adorable can you get?! xD

I wouldn't mind giving up my career. I seriously wouldn't. Strange isn't it? I study so hard, I love teaching, I have these dreams of becoming a great teacher. But if I had to give that up for my husband, to start my own family, I would.

If I finished my degree but never go out to teach, it wouldn't kill me.

But of course, I want to have my career in teaching and start my own family as well. It's not necessarily an either/or thing. I'm merely saying that at the point where I stand, if I had to choose, I would choose family over career.

Sure, I have pipe dreams. Who doesn't? I've actually thought of writing, singing, acting, being a talk show host, a radio VJ, as a career. Somehow I doubt it will happen. Pipe dreams seldom do huh? But if I had a life that revolved only around my family, I don't see that as a bad thing either.

While many of the people of my generation are not even thinking of marriage, I can see myself getting married young, even right out of university. I want to.

I dream of marrying young, starting a family young, taking care of my kids, and then watching them "leave the nest" as young adults to start families of their own while I am still in my mobile mid-50s, retiring early and then travelling the world on a second longgggg honeymoon with my husband.

Isn't that dreamy? :D

You guys must think I'm crazy. To actually want to be a stay-at-home mom? In this day and age??

But the thing is, when I think of the future, I think of marriage, motherhood, babies, a home. Not me being some kick-a** hot teacher teaching in a school somewhere.

I don't know if that means there's something wrong with me.

Isabel asked me if I wanted "somore" bits of paper!

I'm only 23, but when I see them babies, I think of when it will finally be my turn.


Wei Xiong said...

nothing wrong about your dream. you confident of marry young. i guess that you are loving person..

sugarmouse said...

you write so well and nope, nothing's wrong with you; it's just that biological clock ticking. lol. all of us are pretty much in the same boat, i reckon. it's just that some of us aren't so brazen to admit.

sHaMiNi @ Winzi Sherlz said...

darlin,even i always imagine getting married and starting a family..lols!cant believe all of us feeling same..

neways it will b so cool if u n sam can get marry early...v will hav hell of party!yeh!!!

k0k s3n w4i said...

there's nothing wrong with wanting to be a stay-at-home mom. i think it's a noble profession and i have great admiration for those who would make that sacrifice.

however, if i am a girl, i wouldn't do it. and i wouldn't advice any of my girl friends to do it. the bread-winning father and the homemaker mother family model is great at bringing up a family, but it can just as easily be a tragic arrangement. i personally know too many women who have spent their lives sacrificing their dreams to do this, trusting that the man will always provide and appreciate it - but when the man started seeing a mistress on the side, the wife couldn't really do anything about it because she's wholly dependent on the husband's continuous goodwill financially. supposing if the man bails? no, the traditional family format gives far too much power to the man.

i think that women should always have their own career and life apart from the family. it's the only way to be secure.

but that's just what i think.

Liz said...

>>Wei Xiong

I don't know if that makes me a loving person, but thank you :)


Ahaha, our biological clock eh? Hm, I thought it would start ticking when we get much muchhhh older, so I am just kinda surprised it's ticking NOW, when I'm 23 :P And thank you ! :)

>>sHaMiNi @ Winzi Sherlz

I guess we've all reached that stage in life eh? Thinking about babies and all :D Ahaha, I dream about it, but I dunno if we can get married early :P Maybe you will go first??? xD

>>k0k s3n w4i

I know. I've watched enough dramas and sitcoms to know that some issues from sacrificing your dreams to be a homemaker is that you might end up resenting the children for what, in your mind, you could have had. And I'm all about women power and equality and all that jazz, but I have confidence in my guy. It's possible, that ten years down the line, I'll read this and think how utterly stupid and naive I was to believe that, but right now, I have trust in my future husband :D Let's just hope that never happens :)

Of course, I do want career AND family too :) Thank you for your opinion ! (Never thought of it that way till now :P)