Sunday, May 1, 2011


Isn't it ironic that when I was in the midst of exams, I blogged almost every day? But when I'm completely free with no more studying to do, it takes me more than a week to post something up on my blog?

It really is a mystery, ain't it?

I guess it's just human nature--we look for whatever reason not to do something we should. Cos we hate it. >.<

Anyway, I guess I missed out on the countdown after Four down, three more to go. A little more than halfway. :)

Well, I had Teaching of Writing Skills in an ESL Context on Wednesday (20.4.2011). I memorized like crazy for that one. Types of Writing, the Models of L1 and L2 Writing, the Design Principles of Writing Instruction, Social Networking Tools in Teaching Writing. 

But the essay questions were not what I had expected. The changes in the use of social networking tools in the future? The changes in conservative methods to incorporate social networking tools? Yikes. Well, sure. I can crap something out. Whether it's right or wrong, I guess it's up to you, dear Dr., and hopefully you'll be generous. Very very generous. :D

Comparative Literature on Friday (22.4.2011) was even scarier, actually. I was unsure of what to study for the paper, cos the lecturer wasn't too big on giving hints. She just said, "Pay attention to the lecture slides, and all the tutorials." Um, duh. That's like, all of it >.<

Plus, add to the pressure that I reaaalllyyyy like this lecturer and I reaallllyyyyyy didn't wanna let her down. I don't want her to read my answer script and go, "WTH is  Lisa  this student talking about?!" T.T So, yeah.

The paper turned out not exactly easy, but not I-wanna-tear-all-my-hair-out tough either. So hopefully, the lecturer will also be generous. Very very generous. :D

Unfortunately for my final paper, Entrepreneurship *hatehatehatehatehatehatehatehate*, there was a five-day break in between. Because of that, I was still in a rather celebrative pre-merdeka mood when I finally sat down to study for it four days later. *shamefaced*

During the weekend, I'd gone out practically every day. Good Friday mass immediately after my Comparative Lit paper, in Kajang plus dinner, so was only back at night almost 10.00pm. Who would have mood to study after getting back at 10.00pm? So that day was wasted.

Out for dinner, after Good Friday mass :)

Spent Saturday out with my girl friends in MidV. Had Korean lunch together and watched Red Riding Hood. Sadly, the movie wasn't as great as we thought it'd be. But that wasn't the main point. It was the company. Had a great time hanging out with them for the last time before they graduated for good :( Came back at almost 10.00pm too. And, as I'd said earlier, who would have mood to study after getting back at 10.00pm? So that day was gone too.

Hanging out with my girl friends :D

Got up early on Easter Sunday to go for mass with my (ex-)roomie Nana. 

On the mini bus back from Easter mass :P

Then had lunch at this quaint little English-feel place called Little White Cafe that, unbelievably, was located in nearby Bangi. NOT accessible by public transport though. Which is why I would never have had the chance to eat there if not for Hui Qian :D And can you believe we had a three-hour lunch? We spent it chatting and talking and basically, catching up. It was really nice :)

Posing with our respective orders :P

Little White Cafe has a pretty white bench and 
green window shutters outside. So pretty! :D

Rushed back since it was nearing 4.00pm by then and I had another dinner date with a bunch of friends out in Kajang, again. This one, we had to take public transport, and it's always good to go out before it gets dark. Had a great dinner with close friends gossiping and laughing and just chilling. :D

I suddenly realize it sounds awfully like I was already done with my exams when the fact was, I still had one paper left.

So, can't you see why I couldn't really concentrate for my final paper? I just couldn't get my study mode back on. Even up till the exam day itself. >.<

Stupid paper asked me to calculate untung rugi for En. Ahmad Shahril's fertilizer and seedling business. Crap. Needless to say, there was a lot of "crapping" going on. I just wrote a lot of crap, as much crap as I could, and hopefully, I sound pretty convincing. Like I actually know what I'm doing and that's the right way to calculate untung rugi. (Seriously, what's the point of taking SPM level Accounts when I can't remember how to do basic calculations like this anymore? T.T)

I reaaaaallllyyyyy hope the lecturers grading my paper will be generous. Very very generous. :D

Anyhoo, the point of the matter is, I'm all done. Seven for seven. Done. Completed. Over with. Fin.

And it feels freakin' AWESOME !!! :D

Spent my first few days of freedom at home, online, watching videos (I can watch YouTube videos on my lappie again ! Stupid UKM-Jaring, useless &#$%#@$%&*&^%) and watching drama series for hours on end without having to tell myself, "Lisa Kwan, you need to stop right now. You've got studying to do."


No more no more no moreeeeeeeeeeeee~ *glee*

At least, not for the next four months !!! :D

Oh man, I feel like a little kid who's just gotten some forbidden candy, or early Christmas prezzies. FOUR MONTHS. To brain-rot from too much dramas and movies and Facebooking, and blogging, as I please. :)


Oh, btw, here's my new nail colour, courtesy of Chrissy--for the last time (before she graduates la) :P

Then I realized they matched the colour 
of the dabao plastic bag! haha xD
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SandraC said...

omg! u and ur frens are all so pretty. ur style is getting better n better lah day by day!
i'm happy for u too now that ur exams are ova! i know that relieved feeling n i rejoice with u! =) have fun woman!

k0k s3n w4i said...

not that much of a mystery actually. it's natural to want to procrastinate when you're being swamped by things you should be doing. there's some long, boring psychological explanation for it, but i won't bore you with the nitty gritty sciencey bits ;)

Liz said...


Ahaha, thanks a lot Sandra ! hehe My style still not as hebat as yours ! :P

>>k0k s3n w4i

I caught this: "it's natural to want to procrastinate when you're being swamped by things you should be doing." That it's NATURAL. And that's enough for me !!! xD