Friday, May 6, 2011

Lazy Bum No More?

In the spirit of let's-not-be-lazy-bums-and-get-off-your-butt-and-do-some-exercise, I went for line dancing on Wednesday morning, and for Praise Exercise on Thursday morning. Since they're both on every week, I think I'll try to commit to that. 

Cos I doubt sitting on my bum in front of the computer all day every day is very healthy. Though, it does encourage finger exercise (from typing).

Line dancing

What's Praise Exercise? It's a little like tai chi in that it involves a lot of stretching, and works on all parts of your body. It's not as vigorous as line dancing, or as fast-paced. Line dancing is just a lot of footwork, and not a whole-body workout. 

Praise Exercise had me sweating bullets by the end of it, while line dancing barely broke my sweat. But that was probably because I was too focused on where my feet were supposed to be, and not on the dancing part. >.<

Both were populated by aunties--those who are retired, or housewives, or not working. I was a little embarrassed that they seemed to catch up really fast (especially the fast-paced line dance steps) while I was practically stumbling over my own feet. >.<

If only the line dancing group I join is populated by 
more hot shirtless guys *sigh*

I guess I realized then that I'm not much of a dancer T.T

And you'd be surprised, some of these "aunties" have really got some moves in 'em ! They can sway and swag better than I ever could ! And look really good at the same time too !!

Ugh. Like I said, embarrassing. =.=

Although my thighs were aching from the stretching exercises we'd done in Praise Exercise, I decided I'd done enough lazing around for the past few days.

I really needed to clear out my wardrobe. 

My clothes had to be stacked on a chair cos there was not enough space in my wardrobe to put them all.

How did that happen? you ask. 
I don't really know myself. =.=

Anyway, I spent close to 3 hours clearing out my wardrobe, putting all the clothes I didn't want anymore, or have been in my possession for waayyyy too long (from ten years ago--that's the thing about being the same size and never growing out of your clothes for that many years >.<) in a huge bag, and rearranging those I did want neatly into piles and placing them in the right drawers and compartments.


The piles of clothes stacked precariously on my bed.

The give-away stack of clothes that toppled over 
which I was not bothered to stack up right again.

By the end of it, I was sweaty and disgusting, and surrounded by piles and stacks of clothing.

But man, the sense of accomplishment ! :D

I guess I can check that off my to-do list now ! :)

I was pooped. Kong-ed on my bed for three straight hours, dead to the world. =.=

And so, to reward myself for a day's good work,

I painted my nails.

I'd been saving these Elianto nail stickers to go with the perfect shade of purple in my nail polish collection.

(Do you know how difficult it is to have these nail stickers in your possession and have to stare at them for a good one month, and not do anything with them because you know you shouldn't be painting your nails in the midst of exams? People would look at you weird. They were already looking at me one kind when all I did was take a few extra minutes in the morning to put eyeliner on before sitting for my exam. wth. So to have nail stickers and not be able to do anything? So difficult !!! >.<)

But I was kinda disappointed. The nail stickers weren't wide enough. So they looked kinda........weird.

Apparently, my nails are too wide--wider than the average skinny Chinese girl, I bet >.<


But well. They look kinda awesome---if you don't look too closely.

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