Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Multi-Coloured Irises

Coloured contact lenses have been my little craze for the past few months.

I bought my first pair in February and highly anticipated the little package that my friend--who helped me order them via mail--would pass to me when we got back from our CNY/mid-sem break.

I bought them despite a few of my friends advising me against it, citing several reports and articles they'd read about the harms of coloured contact lenses. Some to the extreme that they actually went completely blind ! @.@

I told myself these were only isolated special cases. They didn't happen to everyone who used coloured contact lenses, right? And why was it that coloured ones were more harmful than the clear ones? BOTH were bits of soft plastic placed over the irises of the eyes to correct vision (well, in my case at least) so why did a little colour make one worse than the other?

It's just all about the care with which you treat your eyes, regardless of the kind of contact lenses you use--coloured or otherwise. As long as you ensure that there is the proper solution for cleaning your lenses, your eyes, I believe, would be quite safe. :)

The first pair I bought was called Gothic 3 Tones Green. I wonder who comes up with the names? Personally, I do not see anything remotely gothic with this pair of green contact lenses. @.@

I didn't want to look too odd (cos I think our Asian looks actually matches brown irises the most) so I chose this pair of green where the edges of the "irises" didn't look so obvious. Here's the picture of the model:

And here's me with them on.

Then I got comments that the green wasn't obvious, except under the light. And I got frustrated. What's the point of wearing coloured contact lenses if nobody noticed? T.T

But they did, at least, make my irises seem visibly larger (14.5mm) ! :D

I liked my first pair so much that I decided to get more ! :P

Initially, I wanted to get just one more pair, but after browsing through the photos of the models with all the pretty coloured lenses on, I was tempted to no end. I ended up ordering two more pairs :D Aheh.

I chose the Celeb Nudy Blue (seriously, who gives them these strange names??? @.@) which was a little larger than my green ones by 1mm. (The model was really pretty.) :P

And here's me with them on. Can you see the blue? (Yes, you may move in closer to your computer screen to see.) (Or click on the picture to see the larger version. :P)

And the other pair was Fairy Violet, which was also 15.5mm in diameter. (This model is the prettiest, eh? :P)

I kinda like this pair the most now ! (Especially since purple is kinda like my favourite colour at the moment ! <3) (Yeah, I tend to change my favourite colour once in a while.)

I feel like my eyes can now match the clothes I wear ! 

How awesome is that???? xD

So, what do you guys think? Pretty, si? :DDDDDD


SandraC said...

oh lovely u have come to wear coloured lenses!
the blindness only occurs to idiots who wear more than 10 hours n never dispose end of the month,
the colour ones are bigger n block out more oxygen so they are dangerous in a small way.
just frendly advice, to make ur eye colour very visible in pics- take outdoor with sun shinning, then the colours will show very beautifully!

Liz said...

Everybody said it shows better in the sun :P Oh well, what to do? I usually camwhore indoors xD hehe

Hannah said...

say...why not u wear purple on one eye, and green on the other??? it's possible right? freaky cool!

Arnan Koh said...

agrees with hannah!!!

also... try getting red for next CNY!!!

plus... i think the purples one looks best on you (based on the pictures)... ..

orange or yellow???

sharkcreep said...

i follow u..follow me back k? :)