Sunday, May 22, 2011

Murukku for Sale!

The other day, I made murukku.

Okay, fine. I didn't actually make them on my own. I just helped my aunt make them :)

This is how murukku looks like :)

Do you know what murukku is? It is actually an Indian traditional snack that is made out of flour, butter and spices, normally served during Deepavali (Indian Festival of Lights) but is now enjoyed by all Malaysians--Indians and nons alike--at any time in the year. :D

My aunt, for example, loves them, and makes them to give to friends and colleagues.

Even my Phor Phor enjoys them ! After every bite she sneaked from our murukku jar, she'd say "Ooh, yummy yummy!" (Well, not exactly in those words--she said that it was 'nice to eat' in Hakka--but that's what she meant anyway :P)

So I went over to help my aunt make them. I helped her squeeze the dough through the mold to make the murukku strips (I have no idea what to call them =.=) and my Phor Phor was in charge of frying them (cos both my aunt and myself are terrified of spurting oil. I know. We're great cooks xD).

The dough--made up of butter, flour, jintan putih spice and water with 
pinch of salt. My aunt does not allow me to disclose her recipe though @.@

Murukku mold ! Man, squeezing the dough with 
these things made my hands hurt >.<
(And they still hurt--this was 2 days ago!! @.@)

My aunt kneading the dough. (Oh, and the reason for all the plastic covers is cos none of us were brave enough  had the skills to squeeze the dough over hot oil. So we did it over these plastic covers first before throwing them into the oil :P) 
(Yes, we're good at improvising xD)

Phor Phor, who was Chief Fryer :D

I take one look at that spurting oil and I stay 
ten feet away from it @.@

After all our hard work,

Ta daaaaaaaaa~

Beautiful golden colour eh? Yummy yums :D

Don't they look scrumptious?

Crunchy, and not too hard. The flavour is good. :)

My aunt is pestering me to help her advertise her murukku.

So anybody in the near vicinity of Rasah Jaya who is interested in buying these babies, let me know ! :) (Seriously, my aunt's taking orders :D)

Yummy murukku for sale! My aunt's gotten praises 
for her murukku. Care to try some? :D

btw, I painted my nails again ! The idea for the design I credit to Nana. :)

They're red with silver streaks, with the 
pattern quite like wood grain :P

The streaks were so difficult to paint on, what with my shaky left hand and all (which explains why the pattern on my right hand is not as pretty as on my left >.<)
It definitely took me some time to be done ! @.@ But totally worth it !!! :D

Nice right? :)

(Okay, looking back at the pictures, they don't look too awesome, but my 2.0 mp phone camera does not do them justice ! They're waayyyyy prettier than it seems, I promise!!!)

I don't understand why people aren't getting my nails :(
How can they be anything but gorgeous?????!!! >.<


k0k s3n w4i said...

i love murukku! i can like hug a huge tupperware of the stuff and just feed my face all day long. i don't suppose melaka is considered near the vicinity of Rasah Jaya right?

Liz said...

>>k0k s3n w4i

Ahaha, oops. I guess not. Melaka, jauh laa xD Oh, but don't you think they're soooo addictive??!! I can hold on to the container half-full, and the next time I look down, it's all GONE !!! *gasp* Mannn. I really have to keep exercising or go back to uni with ANOTHER tyre @.@