Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Curse You, Conscience !

I'd spent the whole day having classes and group discussions for assignments at the Faculty of Education today.

We were at the gazebo, having our discussion when Sun noticed something.

"Aisi ! Did these people really do that?"

Both Jess and I turned around to look behind us, curious. What is it what is it??

And we saw it:

Can you see it?

Terrible, isn't it?

How can someone just stuff a plastic bag of rubbish in between the branches of the shrub?

And it is also likely that it was done by a Faculty of Education student, too.

Call yourself a future teacher????? Don't you have a conscience?

Ugh. I'm disgusted !!!

After I snapped a picture of the plastic bag which had a polystyrene container and a straw sticking out of it, I couldn't just walk away, could I?

I felt bad leaving it there.

So I took it out from between the branches, squirming at the sight of the half-bitten hole at the bottom of the plastic bag. (It looked like a rat had gotten at it, or maybe a squirrel. Or a monkey.)

I took it with me to the bus stop, intending to dispose of it in the first dustbin I saw along the way.

Guess what?

There weren't any !!! @.@

Made me realize the severe lack of bins around the place. How not to have students leaving their rubbish everywhere? Shouldn't they have bins especially at the bus stop? Sheesh.

I didn't dare run down the hill to find a bin at the Language Faculty either for fear of missing the bus before I could make it back to the bus stop in time.

So there I was, at the bus stop, pinching the (disgusting) plastic bag between my thumb and forefinger, afraid to let any other part of me get dirty by it >.<

And people were staring.

I guess it kinda looked like I chewed the bottom part of the plastic bag off with my bare teeth ! Aiyaiyai~ @.@

Gosh, how embarrassing. =.=

And how annoying to have to hold it for so long, waiting for the bus !

ARGH, how I regretted taking it out of the shrub. Maybe I should have just left it there, huh?

Curse you, person-who-left-the-stupid-plastic-bag-hanging-in-the-tree, and curse you, my conscience !!! Why couldn't I have just minded my own darn business?

Oh well, all in a day's work I suppose :)


Wei Xiong said...

Don't let anybody affect your thinking of pro-environment and cleanliness. Help drop the rubbish to the dust isn't a silly thing. I feel disappoint of some UKM students. I went to the living room to watch TV. Lamp and fan weren't so closed but no one stay there when I arrive at there.
Tabik dengan awak :-)
May God bless you.

Amanda Chung said...

you did the right thing. one way you can do, isjust be yourself, like what Mr. Nackeeran said. set a target for your self to reduce the polystyrene usage. bring your own tupperware or container, let people see what u are doing and make them ashamed of their own behaviour- amanda

Anonymous said...

Hey gal! I was actually trying to think on both sides. I thought the person may have accidentally dropped the packet from the gazebo onto the relatively tall tree which is unreachable from anywhere to collect back the rubbish. But viewing the point that you are able to collect it, that means it is reachable from somewhere. I guessed the person really meant to do it.

Feel sorry for you but you have done the right thing! This actually shows the poor administration of the management as well as the uncivilisation of some citizens. :(

Liz ^^, said...

Yeah, I guess I did the right thing. I think what's even more disgusting than that plastic bag is the person who could just leave it there and feel no guilt >.<


Oh, it wasn't a tree dear. It was one of those small bushes, you know? That's why I called it a shrub. The shrub was barely taller than me ! So it's definitely reachable. And it was INSIDE, not ON TOP, as if it fell. It was definitely pushed in between the branches to hide it there. Sad, kan? T.T

Anonymous said...

Oh no. That's bad. :(