Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Pumpkin Fritters (It's Yummier Than It Sounds)

My grandmother had me hooked on them, first.

Before that, I'd never even heard of pumpkin fritters. I mean, pisang goreng (banana fritters) are common; we see and eat them all the time.

But PUMPKIN fritters?

Ooh, but guess what?

They're absolutely SCRUMPTIOUS !! :D

I kid you not !

So when I was back for the weekend, my mum happened to be cutting up a pumpkin to cook for dinner. I thought it'd be a good idea to deep fry them instead, like my grandma did.

So I gave it a try :)

It's so easy to make, really !

Here's all you gotta do:

1) Prepare the Batter

You don't even have to add any sugar or anything. Nothing at all ! Just flour and water. Mix till you get a kinda runny mixture, but slightly thick.

2) Prepare the Pumpkin

Don't they look a bit like papaya? @.@

Chop and cut the pumpkin up into slices. Not too thin, cos you'd want to bite into the fritter and actually feel like you're biting something, right? But not too thick either cos....nevermind. Just not too thick alright? :P

3) Dip pumpkin slices in batter and deep-fry.

The first fritter got left too long in the oil >.<
Oopsie. Aheh. :P

And you know what? 

You're done ! :D

Can you spot the first fritter (that got left too long in the oil)?

And I must say, they're even better than banana fritters ! They've got such a natural sweetness that is hard to forget the next time you have banana fritters. :P

Don't they look absolutely gorgeous? :D 

Pumpkin fritters for a whole family of five ! :)

You have to try them ! I insist ! :D


Wei Xiong said...

I think that I had ate pumpkin fritters in Penang before. I prefer banana fritters although pumpkin fritter look so gorgeous and contain a natural sweetness.

Anonymous said...

Oh my god!! Are you in the process of learning to cook or something? More and more recipes coming from here! :) *salute*

I'm really amazed on how you did the whole process all by yourself! If it was me, I guess I may have just jumped far away for fear of the hot oil. :P Also, the pumpkins are nicely cut! Good cutting skills you have I must say. :)

And... *jaws drop* That's a REALLY big plate of pumpkin fritters!! The 5 of you can really finish them all! *shock* :P

Keep up the good work girl! I should really learn be as brave and helpful as you.:)

Liz ^^, said...

>>Wei Xiong

I like pumpkin fritters better :P hehe


I'm not so geng la. My mum was cooking also. I didn't do it alone :P hehe She cut the pumpkin, cos I was too slow. But I cut them into slices la. And actually, I was really terrified of the hot oil also. But my mum showed la, actually there won't be much spurting, cos the pumpkin doesn't have much water content. So there were no burns ! :DDDD

It's really easy. You should try ! And please la, you're wayyyyy better at baking. I should learn from YOU ! xD

Anonymous said...

YOU are better at cooking kay? Haha! I seldom cook (only cooked before in uni. At home? Nah~ :P)Furthermore, I only baked that 1 little cake, u ady praised me. =.=lll

Hmm, not sure I'll ever do it, hopefully one day I become so hardworking that I'll do so :P Or else... I'll be waiting for you to cook this for me! Muahahahaha! :P