Monday, January 3, 2011

i Hola !

Hola ! Que tal? Me llamo Melosa Mendes. Y tu? Como te llamas?
Tengo veintidos años. Soy de Seremban, y soy Malasia. Soy de estudiante de el idioma Ingles.

Hello ! How are you? My name is Melosa Mendes. And you? What is your name?
I am twenty two years old. I am from Seremban, and I'm Malaysian. I study English.

haha I'm not sure if that's right. Self-composed, y'all. Not copied from any text book. Impressive? :D

Not really. We've learned much more than this in just three classes. Darn. My head feels about to explode ! I hate grammar ! >.<

And we've already learned to count to a hundred in Spanish. And even ask for a person's telephone number (Cual es tu numero telefono?). You know, just in case we meet a hot Spanish guy. But I doubt I'd be able to catch his number -- they speak so fast !!! @.@

And I hate grammar ! (Oh, did I say that already?)

But no matter what, I'm still loving Spanish classes. Though it seems a little tougher now, there's something about learning a new foreign language that is fun and interesting ! I can't help missing studying Korean though. I miss my teacher, 선생님 (son saeng nim) too :(

btw, Melosa Mendes is the Spanish name I've taken for myself. Isn't that cool? :P

I googled Spanish girl names and their meanings, and mine (Melosa) means sweet. Just like me ! Duh. :D (If you're sputtering and coughing right now, go get a Hacks sweet ! >.<)

Anyhow, despite a rather tough weekend last, I'm feeling much better, and rather embarrassed by the previous post. It was nothing, really. Was just feeling really depressed and had no one, and no where, to turn to. (But thanks for the concern guys :P *hugs*)

Turns out all I really needed was some time. And a good movie. :D

That good movie was Avatar. Oh, don't worry. Don't gasp like that. This isn't my first time watching it. Come on. That would be just sadddddd. (Sorry to those who haven't watched the movie. But seriously. If you haven't watched Avatar, you're totally missing out !!!)

Felt much better right after. Or maybe it was because I patched things up with him :)

Hm, I suddenly wonder if I can rewrite the introductory paragraph in Korean.

안녕하세요! 잘 지내 시죠내 이름 Melosa Mendes 입니다. 당신의 이름은 무엇입니까? 내가 이십이년 늙었.
내가 Seremban 에서 왔어요, 저는 말레이시아 사람입니다. 나는 영어 공부합니다.

Ahah ! I've still got it ! And I so didn't use Google Translate !! *laughs nervously*

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