Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Dedication to Mr. H

When I first got to know him in my first year of university, he struck me as a very quiet person. 

I noticed him only because he was one of the four "thorns" among the roses in our class. Though we were classmates, I seldom talked to him. Looking back, I think it was mostly cos we'd rarely hear his voice in class, nor see his smile. We thought he looked positively unfriendly >.<

But I think that after a few semesters, he must have warmed up to the rest of us. I remember one class picture we took where the rest of us all exclaimed in surprise cos he had actually smiled ! (Which we hadn't really had a chance to see before that) :P

Sleeping in the main hall. LOL

The day I began to like this guy was the day that I really looked at him during a class. Like, really looked at him. (Can't remember which class it was >.<) (Not that I was spying on him or anything, I was just curious, you know?) (No, it's not that kind of 'like' la.) (Woi. Don't get the wrong idea okay?) (Stop ahem-ahem-ing la ! >.<)

I was actually looking straight ahead at the lecturer who was most probably talking to herself, making her own lame jokes and laughing at them, when something caught my attention from the corner of my eye.

I turned to look at him. And there was this funny expression on his face that just made me want to LAUGH OUT LOUD. xD I seriously don't know how else to describe what was it on his face that made me want to laugh, that was so funny. It was just funny, or at least to me.

And this expression of his was in response to something the lecturer had said in her monologue. Which made me think, Hey, this guy is kinda funny. (Aren't I using the word 'funny' waayyyy too many times at this point? =.=)

There were just countless other times after that when he made me laugh without even saying a word. :)

Because he forgot to bring his sweater and he was cold. LOL

Sometimes when I laughed at him, he'd give me this quizzical expression that made me laugh EVEN MORE. Something about that I-don't-even-realize-I'm-being-funny face that is even funnier than the first expression I was actually laughing about before. (D'ya follow?)

We are not exactly close friends; we don't share heart-to-hearts (although we've shared kutuk-ing sessions before ! xD) nor do we hang out outside of UKM, have supper, or lepak often. But I can say that my impression of him now is completely different to the one when I first met him that first day in class.

He's quiet, but that doesn't mean he has nothing to say. It brings to mind the old Malay saying "Diam diam ubi berisi". When he's looking out blankly into space, it doesn't mean he's not thinking anything. He seldom smiles, but he's actually a smiley person on the inside. He may look serious and strict, but he has the ability to have you in stitches without opening his mouth ! He is actually quite shy, especially around girls. (haha, So cute !) Sometimes he does the craziest and most silly of things. Things that, if you are lucky enough to notice, can make you laugh. Again. :P He may doubt himself, but I do think he is a good leader. He has that uncanny ability to make people trust him and entrust him with responsibilities. I recently saw this saying: "Bosses say 'Go!' but good leaders say 'Let's Go!'" And I think he is a "Let's Go !" person :)

See that half-smile? Who says he doesn't smile? LOL
Senyum tersengih ade la. xD

So dear H,

If you read this, this is what I really want to tell you:

Stop doubting yourself. Stop downplaying yourself. You are a likeable person who, at least for me, is funny as hell and never fails to make me smile. :D

You are certainly unique. We all are. You're a funny combination of serious and I-can't-help-it funny. :P

You're a good leader. You make me want to follow you, and support you. Good leaders can do that without ever having to tell their subordinates to do so.

Don't worry about being single at the moment. It's only cos you haven't found that girl who appreciates you for exactly who you are, yet. Or maybe she's just around the corner; she's just too shy (like you?) to come forward.

See the kind of silly things he does? LOL

Anyhow, I just thought that I'd dedicate this post to you. Just to tell you that you're everything (good) that people have said about you, and more. You just gotta believe in that, yourself.

I have a feeling you're gonna be an awesome teacher. You're the kind that students are too intimidated to get close to at first, but are pleasantly surprised once they have. :)

Hope this encourages you somewhat. :D

Cos I believe we all need some assurance and encouragement once in a while. :P


xinli said...

don't know if this is appropriate, and no offence to H if he reads this, but that picture with his hand folded inside his shirt is PRICELESS.
made me laugh.

SandraC said...

how nice of u to do such a sweet thing for a fren who is down. and his face does come across and super funny at times!! HAHAHa

Liz ^^, said...


Isn't it? I totally LOL-ed when I saw that when he was sitting next to me in class ! I made him stay still and snapped a picture cos it was sooooo funny !! :D

Ahaha, I hope he finds this amusing in good fun :P


Right? Whatever impression I had of him being serious just flew out the window ! xD haha

shandye. said...

when all of us are in our 1st semester in our 1st year (gosh... seems like ages ago, kan?) i really thought of him as a distant and slightly cold person.

whenever i tried to strike a conversation, he will just simply nods or utter a few words.

but then again after a couple of weeks i come to realize that thats just him.

H is a great listener and whatever his responses are are almost always usable and encouraging. i am glad he is my classmate and my college-mate.

mwuhahaha.... you've summed it quite accurately: 'diam-diam ubi berisi'!

Liz ^^, said...


Awww, that's really sweet too. You should tell him that ! :)