Thursday, January 20, 2011

Christmas Gifts and Nail Fun !

Yes, I am well aware that it's been almost a month since Christmas. I'm not stuck in a time warp or something.

But remember I promised that I'd (maybe) post pictures of the Christmas gifts I made after I'd given them all out? (Just for you guys to admire ! *smirk*) xD

Well, tadaaaaaaa~

All the different colourful designs ! :)

They're kinda like bookmarks/paper clips. And each of them has been hand-painted by moi. :D

I had removed the metal spring from each one, painted the wood, and reattached them once they were dry. Oh, and I also applied a coat of varnish on them to give them a little shine and make them waterproof :)

It was tedious work. And it was rather difficult to hold the wooden pegs while painting. I kept getting paint all over my fingers ! @.@ Which wasn't so bad, except that it simultaneously smudged the hard work I'd done in painting that bit before that ! So I'd have to repaint it T.T

And I had to use tongs to hold on to the pegs just to avoid getting varnish all over my hands ! Nasty stuff !! >.< Stank up the house so I had to do it outside on the porch, squatting over a stool ! haha :P

Anyway, again, I want to apologize to those who didn't receive this gift this year. I am so very sorry. I'd made almost 20, and that was hard enough :(

To those who did receive them, hope you liked them as much as I (kinda) enjoyed making them ! :D

Next, wanna know what's my current nail colour? :P

(I'd actually changed it almost two weeks back but didn't have the time to post pictures up. Aheh.)

Here they are:

That's an opaque lavender base, with maroon spots. They were supposed to look like cute little footprints, but somehow, they don't. =.=

Which may explain why I'm getting comments like: "Blue's Clues" and "Hidden Mickey" !! @.@ (They're both TV programs; if you know them, you'd be laughing by now. xD)

Anyway, I'm getting kinda tired of looking at it for two weeks now. 

And with CNY coming up, these babies have got to go -- to be replaced with bright red nail polish, and maybe teeny flower nail stickers. :D

Ahah ! Got excuse to buy new nail polish ! *teehee*


Anonymous said...

Wow! So many different designs & colours! I thought there is 1 and only 1 colour & design. Bravo! Love it! :)

siawase_tenshi said...

awwwwww...sasa! of course i LOVE it! the cute lil' peg u made is hanging on my noticeboard rite now~complete with the note and looking at it makes my day! ^^ thank u very muchie~hihi! looking forward to ur NEW nail color~ pink lil' sakura blossons on a red background wd be nice~*teehee*

Liz ^^, said...


I made 7 different designs but for em, 18 pegs I think. haha :D It was difficult choosing the design for each person, but I hoped you like the one I chose for you :)


Awwww *shy* I'm glad it makes your day ! I'll start thinking of the next gift I can make :P hehe Oh, when I go back this weekend I'm gonna remove my nail polish and maybe buy the red one first. Will only apply it just before CNY ! :D

Amanda Chung said...

where is mine :(

Anonymous said...

Haha! I love it! :) Every design is nice. How I wish I can have all of them! :P *Greedy*

Wow, pro! Got bunga-bunga on top of the nail polish :)

sugarmouse said...

such an excellent idea though (for personalised handmade gifts!) :D :D :D lucky friends of yours! hope things have been goin well for you. will you be changing your nail colour for cny? hehe

Liz ^^, said...


I'm sure you can make your own too ! :D There was this old bookmark that I made for friends Christmases ago, but I never posted any pictures of them here. Maybe I will, and I'll show you how I did them. They're really very easy ! :)

And yes I WILL be changing them for CNY. Bright red (for prosperity) ! Haven't bought nail stickers though. I might figure out something to do with silver nail polish instead :P