Friday, January 28, 2011

Este es Maria

Este es Maria. Ella es mi mayor hermana. Ella tiene veintiseis anos. En esta foto, ella lleva su favorito camiseta negra y pantalones vaqueros azules, pero su sandalias son rojas. Ella es alta pero yo soy baja. Ella es rubia y tiene pelo largo. Tambien ella tiene los ojos marones y una boca pequena. Creo que ella es simpatica y generosa pero a veces es habladora. Realmente, ella es muy guapa.


This is Maria. She is my older sister. She is twenty six years old. In this photo, she is wearing her favourite black t-shirt and blue jeans, but her sandals are red. She is tall but I am short. She is blonde and has long hair. She also has brown eyes and a small mouth. I think that she is sweet and generous but sometimes she is a bit talkative. She is really very beautiful.

My Spanish homework for the holidays. Done ! :D

(And you know I didn't just copy and paste from Google Translate when you don't see any é or ñ in my short essay ! :D *proud*)

(Okay, fine, it's a bit elementary. But I am doing only Level 1 ! Cut me some slack, would ya? xD)

(p.s: I don't really know whose picture that is. Wonder if her name really is Maria?)


iwan said...

Regarde!! La fille. Elle est mignonne!!

eezance said...

visiting~ :)

Skeelomano said...

Nice nice.. I took Spanish classes in UKM too.. I suppose Senora is teaching you too ??

Keep up the enthusiasm and enjoy your classes.. =D

aisyahussein said...

so, what's that mean anyway?

Liz ^^, said...


What did you say? Tak paham T.T


Thanks for visiting? :D


You're from UKM? Ahaha, Senorita Leyshack is teaching us. She's hot ! :D


I'll put up the translation for you. It's the essay I'm supposed to do for class. A descriptive essay on a person :)

Skeelomano said...

Yep.. Class of 07'-08'..

Senorita Leyshack huh.. Haven't seen her before.. You should post some pictures of her here.. I'd gladly bookmark your blog or better still, I might even make it my homepage.. =D

Liz ^^, said...

Class od 07/08? Does that mean you graduated then in Aug 2008? I entered UKM my first year in 2008 @.@ haha

Nope, you'll definitely not know her then. She only started teaching here last semester, so she's practically NEW :) But, she's definitely made an impression on the lot of us ! haha

And thank you :D

sugarmouse said...

aww, JEALOUS!! i've wanted to learn spanish for the longest time... but i think i'mma start with russian first. (if i can even find a class...) where are you taking your spanish lessons? :D

Skeelomano said...

Oh, sorry for the confusion but i meant i was in the 07'-08' intake.. Graduation class of Aug 2010..

I think it's safe for me to say that a hot spanish teacher would impress anyone.. Especially guys like me.. LoL

Ah, and by the way, it's seems like we share lots of common activities in UKM..

Liz ^^, said...


Russian? Wow, that's gotta be a challenge ! xD In uni, foreign language classes are offered, so you can take them as your elective. Which is really lucky, and more convenient (and less expensive) than having to find classes outside. This is my second elective. I took Korean Level I two semesters ago :P


Wait, you graduated last year August? What course did you take? I was definitely at your Convocation then ! I was in the Choir ! Did you see us in our purple kebayas? I also played the keyboard ! :P

Skeelomano said...

Si si, I graduated last August.. FTSM grad majoring in Com Science.. =D

I did see the choir.. You guys were quite a melodious group I have to say.. You were the keyboardist eh.. Impressive, and you were in New Tune too.. =D

Liz ^^, said...


Ahhh. I see. hehe Melodious group eh? haha Well, that's good. You should have seen us weeks before that. We were a downright depressed bunch ! Convo is one of THE most stressful experiences EVER ! =.= Yeah ! I was ! haha Not performing for New Tune this semester though :(

Skeelomano said...

Guess all the depression paid off in the end huh?.. =D

Oh, not performing?? Why not? I only played in the New Tune during my 1st and early 2nd year though..