Monday, January 5, 2009

Nails and Liquid Paper

I was feeling a little bored...
So I thought I'd take the opportunity to set the record straight.
Especially concerning my nails.
Yes, my nails.
Toenails. And fingernails.

Recently I had purchased a bottle of WHITE NAIL POLISH.
Yes, it really
is nail polish.
Proper nail polish.
What brand? Er, I don't know. Can't remember. Don't care.

point is, that it is real, actual, genuine, honest-to-goodness nail polish that I had applied on all 10 of my fingernails, and as many toenails as well. Not liquid paper. Or blank-O. Or whatever.

If it was
not nail polish, and liquid paper instead, it would already be coming off in flakes, cos frankly, liquid paper is not meant to be on your nails.
Then I'd have horrible looking nails, with spots of bald patches here and there.
They would not be as
thick, or viscous.
Not as
Not as glossy.
Not as pretty. :)

See, I even have a star pattern on my big toes (courtesy of room mate Aileena)!
Isn't it absolutely FABULOUS??!!

And since it is looks sooo
fabulous, how can it be anything BUT nail polish?

Anyone who says otherwise is talking rubbish.
And is probably, most likely,
jealous of my fine awesome nails.

And that means
You, over there. Yes, you. Don't turn around and look behind you!
know it's you.
You've been bugging me and asking me why I put liquid paper on my nails.
grumble grumble*

Well, they are NOT.
Nooooooooo, they are most certainly not!!!

Stop saying that!!
Meanies. All of you.


wen said...

Hey.. that's very nicely done! But, once i used it, a friend of mine commented that i look like lack of calcium.. =.="

IuhniX said...

liquid paper ?so mean of them.

Lisa ^^, said...

Ya lor. Everybody so mean wan. Even today in class, a classmate just turned around looked at my nails and said "Why you put liquid paper?!"
Thanks la. >.<

★☆inchek [s.h.a.n.d.y.e] ★☆ said...

secara amnya aku berasa amat bersalah kerana telah menuduh kamu mengenakan liquid paper pada kuku2 kamu...

why am i typing in malay?

urrghh... that darn bm class!!

**tetibe salahkan kelas bosan itu...

~`w!L`Li@m'~ said...

Why in the world would you buy WHITE nail polish? Well, i don't blame DOES looks like liquid paper.'s economy downtime...use liquid paper as nail polish's cheaper. No one will know the difference anyway.

Lisa ^^, said...

Hey when I was talking about that classmate in my earlier comment, I was actually talking about you lar. Haha Ya la, that class is damn boring la. But just for performance sake, I TRIED to look extremely interested in all she had to say....Sigh...

Hey, people WILL know the difference okay. It is obviously NOT liquid paper. But poor uncivilised people like YOU can't tell. Don't blame you either. XD

Arnan Koh said...


Yes Madam... It truly is liquid paper... after studying the contents of the bottle... we can only conclude that the white liquid is indeed liquid paper.

But, wait till the results come in from the United States... maybe we can draw the final conclusion that it is indeed liquid paper....
but as of now.. all results show positively that the it is liquid paper...

Timothy K. said...

i think la.. u got cheated.. they sold you a nail polish bottle with liquid paper contents....

so in essence it is still liquid paper...

hey cant blame them ...

Lisa ^^, said...

Stop it ALL OF YOU!!!


*sobs and runs out of room*

~`w!L`Li@m'~ said...

Haha!!! YAY!!! *high five with Timothy K and Arnan Koh* We got one and Lisa got zero! Ohhh...poor Lisa.
Pssst...if you need more WHITE nail polish, I can give you mine. It's branded you know!! "Papermate"! Wakakakakaka....

Lisa ^^, said...

You are the meanest person ever!! Soo don't wanna friend you anymore!!! *sobs*

Summer Daniels said...
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