Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Mr. and Mrs. Squirrel

Today's Language Awareness tutorial was to clear up some (okay, a lot) of the confusions that we had with verb phrases and clauses, and adjuncts, and complements and adverbials...you get the picture.


You think English is easy?
Noooo. It isn't. Not as easy as it seems, as I've finally realized.
Even for an English-educated, English-speaking banana like me.

Anyways, that is not the point of this post here.
The point of this post is an activity that our lecturer had us do.

We were asked to write a short story in 15 minutes, of not more than 100 words, using as many prepositional phrases and adverbials as possible. It's okay, I'm not gonna bore you and explain what prepositional phrases and adverbials are. Anyway, I liked what we came up with. So here goes:

At the top of a tree, in a little hole, lived Mr. and Mrs. Squirrel. Out on the limb of a branch, Mr. Squirrel looked out over the hills and plains below. Mrs. Squirrel climbed higher up the trunk and looked up into the sky with a frown. Dark clouds. If it rains, how will they gather nuts? How will they collect rambutans under the tree? If possible, they should start out now. Mr. Squirrel scampered up the tree to meet Mrs. Squirrel. He sat next to her and held her hand. Mr. Squirrel looked into his wife's eyes, and gently pulled her onto his lap. All her worries disappeared. They kissed with the sun slowly setting in the horizon.

~The End~

Isn't it sweet? I can't believe we came up with that in 15 minutes! :)
Haha I like it....... XD


★☆inchek [s.h.a.n.d.y.e] ★☆ said...

your short story about mr and ms squirrel is really funny.

its kind hard to believe, kan that we can whip out something so ridiculous like that in mere 15 minutes.


Lisa ^^, said...

yeah!! I totally liked yours n alia's too!! damn funny....and tragic....in a hilarious way of course. You should sooo post yours up too!! Wanna read it also ma...deal?? XD

Anonymous said...

Totally unrealistic story for it neglects the 12 starving baby squirrels languishing inside the squirrel hole waiting for their nuts or rambutans or whatever them baby squirrels eat while their parents are busy smooching on tree branch against a setting sun! But...I loved it! LOL!

~`w!L`Li@m'~ said...

Oh....my....god....! I don't know if it's just me but your "transition" of becoming an english teacher is freaking me out! I mean...i don't know...soon, in bout few years time, you'll be like....Pn Chu or Pn Lim, our ELS advisor. Ewwwww.....no offence but....ewwwww....
PS: Are you prepared for this Lisa? I mean....Cikgu Kwan.... LOL!

Lisa ^^, said...

Well, the 12 screaming baby squirrels can wait till their parents are done...with whatever they plan to do after smooching...*winks*

Aiyo, don't be such a cynic. Come on, I'm just enjoying my uni years...This is the time you have fun in your classes, enjoy studying, enjoy learning...
I suggest you do too!! teehee

p.s: I'm ready to be a teacher..well, soon anyway. So, BRING IT ON!!! :)

wen said...

awww... You forgot something my dear... the ending.. 'and they lived happily ever after'! hahaha...