Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Update on Nails

Just so you know, my nails are no longer fabulously white.

Now they are an awesome pink-purple shade!!!

Just so you know, I am not surrendering.

White is still fabulous.

I am NOT succumbing to external pressure.
I'm just trying out a new colour.

Do not fret, the fabulous white nails will return..............


The Bee said...

ok lah white is still fabulous!
but this is a better colour loh
dont you wish the nails can be chameleon-like
changing with the season or temperature or mood or maybe even changing with your wish
you know aladdin's lamp like wishing
then no need to do the nails all over again????
sthg to think about???

Lisa ^^, said...

haha maybe......XD

★☆inchek [s.h.a.n.d.y.e] ★☆ said...

external pressure?


~`w!L`Li@m'~ said...

Hey...liquid paper will turn to an awesome yellow after some time. Haha...and liquid paper willll return! Haha!

Lisa ^^, said...

>>inchek shandye
Ya lar. SOME people la, tak henti henti say i put liquid paper. My heart is injured ady......haha XD

I don't wanna talk to you ady. HUH