Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Her Smile

The other day, we were asked to write a short poem on someone we admire, by the exact same lecturer who asked us to write a short story using prepositional phrases and adverbials (I'm beginning to see a pattern here, can you??).

Well, I don't know if mine is very good, but here's the poem, tell me what you think XD

Her Smile

Dressed in purple,
Her hands in pink,
She scrubs the floors,
Then works on the sink.

Her back aches,
And there's a pain in her side,
But it's clear to see,
She does her work with pride.

What people deem insignificant,
She takes time in perfecting,
And that's the kind of attitude,
The world today is lacking.

Looking up, fatigued and tired,
As if she's run a mile,
Yet she pauses midway,
And gives me a smile.

Can you guess who I'm talking about? :)


lynette lim said...

have confident in writting cz yur writting is good..if i m not wrong the poem is meant to be yur mom??

Lisa ^^, said...

no not my mum.....
guess again XD

The Bee said...

the lady who cleans the toilets, bathrooms and sinks in your college hostel block?
uniform purple and pink gloves right?
ya you are right in observing that..
rare species are those who are diligent in their work however insignificant it may appear to all
with the bonus of giving a smile while they are at it
the world needs to be taught appreciation of one another regardless of race, creed, status or position
your poem is good
short, simple but brings out the significant out of an insignificant scene....
touches the eyes... colours, smile
the feeling.... aches, scrubs...
brings out your observation and desire for the special umh found in the player ie.diligence n pride in doing what seems insignificant to the world.. syabas my girl!

Arnan Koh said...

I may not know who it is... But I am very very sure it is not you!!!

~`w!L`Li@m'~ said...

This poen is not fair lah!!! How am I going to guess when I'm not in your university??? Cis....the cleaning mak cik in your college wor...who would have thought that (except you own roommate perhaps)?

Lisa ^^, said...

It IS the cleaning mak cik in my college!! The other day, when I opened the door to my hostel, she smiled at me and said "Pagi!!" so cheerfully, I smiled too! I'm happy I wrote about her :)