Saturday, January 31, 2009

CNY Besties

I thought 1 week of hols was plenty of time. I even brought my assignment work home and had every intention of finishing that short story for the MPH Competition, and starting the other that I had been putting off for weeks.

But, surprise surprise!
I accomplished none of the above. :(

Oh, well.

CNY is supposed to be about spending time with family and friends, and eating till you're convinced the button on your shorts is going to pop off and hit someone's --
most likely an unsuspecting relative sitting opposite you at the dining table -- eye out.

Now that would have made for a good story to tell for the next 10 CNY reunions.

Most of the week was spent at my Phor phor's house, which is also here in Seremban. Which means all my cousins come back here to balik kampung while we stay put and wait for them to come to us :)
The last I saw them was Christmas, so was good hanging out with them again. We suddenly re-discovered Saidina (the Malaysian version of Monopoly) and had fun bargaining, trying to exchange Petaling Jaya for Kota Kinabalu, or building 3 houses in Seremban, or even a mega-hotel in Pulau Pinang. But I have to say, Saidina is a never-ending game. Honestly, we just don't know how to end it, so we keep playing until a few of us has paid RM7000++ a few times over and goes bankrupt, amidst wailing and "I have no money!!"s.
Played countless games of Uno Attack. We also re-learned how to play (the mean card game) Arne. So there was tons of laughter and sabotaging going around. Sheesh. My cousins have a mean streak in 'em. *shivers*
Memorable times -- whacking Ernie for teasing me too much, tickling Wei cos he's super ticklish, occasionally attacking Soon Yi with sarcastic remarks and...whacking my bros too, for being naughty. :P

Whole family drove up to Rawang for late-lunch/early-dinner reunion with Mum's side of the family on the 2nd day of CNY. Made my potato salad which turned out yummy so much so that I kept smelling potato and mayo during the almost-2-hour journey there. Or maybe I was just hungry. *shrugs*

There was so much food it took 4 square tables to put all of them. There were 3 dishes of chicken cooked in 3 different styles, 2 large fried fish, huge prawns and loads other mouth watering dishes. *sighs in contentment*

Back to Seremban for the rest of the week for more card games and teasing.
People say gambling is a must during CNY. Well.
We had a few games where we rolled two dice and called it out -- big or small. Then we placed bets. Using Saidina money of course. It's not like we had much of our own money to bet. Plus, with Saidina money, there would be practically no limits. :)

Went out with friends on the 5th day to all-time-favourite Jusco. Was so good to meet up with old friends (now can call them old friends cos have known them for quite some time. And plus, we've all gotten OLD :P) and just hang out and tease each other (there's always the teasing -- perpetual teasing for me -- about my height, and hot topic now, my BRACES. I'm so gonna kill you Chan Psyduck!!!!).

You know, meeting up with old friends is really like they say -- slipping into some old, comfortable shoes. They may be old and worn out, and you notice new frays and tears in the seams that you've never noticed since the last time you'd worn it, but the comfort and the ease with which you just slip into them seems as if you've never been apart. I love my friends, and I appreciate them for being part of my life. The fun and laughter we share I will forever treasure. Thanks you guys! :)

Few friends came over for a sleepover at my house. The same day we went out to Jusco. Strange I know, but the sleepover is when we can discuss more private details and gossip and update each other. We had such fun! Played Uno Attack again. Yun, as usual, was as excited as a small kid when the cards shot out of the Uno Attack thingy... But that's who she is, and we all love her to bits for it!! :P

Pictionary is such a noisy game! Especially when Yun's around (she has the loudest voice among all the people I have known so far -- I mean, don't be fooled by her size! She has the power to yell the house down!! Ish ish). By the next few rounds we were all tired from having laughed so much, and rolling around on the mattresses and wiping our tears of mirth. We laughed at each other's drawings -- submarines that looked like mushrooms, pencils that looked like candles, supposed "dads" but was guessed as "gay" and "half-man?"

We laughed so much and so loud that I was worried, at certain points in time during the game, that I was going to get complaints from the neighbours :P

We chatted, talked about deep, profound stuff (not really, but who cares :P) and discovered a little more about each other. We shared opinions and thoughts, brought up questions and inquiries and had little discussions that many a time had digressed and needed to be brought back to the current topic. :)

I am just so thankful that each of us treasures the relationship that we have with each other.
I am thankful that I can have times like these, with people I care about.
I am thankful for my friends -- Yen, Yun, Li Ping, Ming Yi, Chan Psyduck, Ash, S and many others.
I am thankful for my family -- my parents and bros for being patient and allowing a bunch of crazy girls raid their privacy and disrupt their TV time with our squeals of laughter! ;P

They made my CNY :)


Arnan Koh said...

CNY was fun... I enjoy coming over to talk about random things in life....
slightly disappointed that you were quite missing most of the time....

anyhow... i'm still not sure what to write for MPH thingy... still thinking and hoping that i can get it done before the dateline...
any ideas??

Anonymous said...

Looks like I'm the noisiest. Kan? hhahhaa....

The Bee said...

ya girl
i can see you had a good, fun-filled fruitful time this cny
(and i am glad for you)
back to basics
the simple art or pastime of just being together
just being yourselves
unafraid mask... hair let down
voicing your thoughts and listening to others
just plain old conversation without distraction
communication minus the modern aids of telco
building your treasure of MEMORIES
with friends and family
it is worth it
keep it up keep this precious bond alive ok...
way to go,girl...

Lisa ^^, said...

Sorry arnan, was kinda tired when you came over. I had a sleepover the night before...had some friends over. So didn't sleep till 4 am. haha sorry la :)

Who are you?? >.<

Anonymous said...

haha... guess yourself la.. Anonymous remains Anonymous...

Lisa ^^, said...

Wen Yun, is that you?? Don't play play la...Just tell la! >.<