Sunday, January 11, 2009

Night Award Art

Last night we had this Night Award Art (Malam Anugerah Seni) dinner event held in Dewan Canselor Tun Abdul Razak (DECTAR).

We weren't really properly briefed on what it was all about. All we knew was what our Choir Artisukma committee told us -- that we were all required to pay the RM20 ticket fee, regardless of whether we actually decided to show up for the event or not. Meaning:
You want to come or not, up to you la. But compulsory to pay 20 bucks.

If I had to pay 20 bucks for a dinner and performance evening, I'd damn well be there to sample the food and exclaim how
not worth the food was for our money.

Anyways, it turned out that only a few of us
dumb-dumbs actually BELIEVED that they would force all of us Choir Artisukma members to pay for something they would rather die than go to. Logically, when you actually stop to think about it (which I absently neglected to do), nobody can force you to do anything. Nobody can stop you from not going for the event, or from not paying the ridiculously high fee. Those who thought otherwise, were real dumb-dumbs.

I was one of them.

And it was too late to ask for a refund. Crap.

So, I had to go. And we had to dress up too. They had a colour theme. Red, black and white. OMG.

Basically, what the Malam Anugerah Seni is all about, is a rather failed attempt at following the American's Oscars, or Emmy Awards, but specifically for all the various Artisukma departments -- Choir, Seni Bela Diri, Tarian Kontemporari, Teknikal, Pengurusan Seni, etc.

Whatever. I could not get over the fact that I felt so
forced into this thing and was in a rather sulky mood the hour before the dinner.

But, when we were all dressed up and ready to go, I was in a much better mood -- I had resorted to being mildly sarcastic about the whole thing. What do we get out of this? I had actually put in a lot of effort into making myself up, and dressing up nice. As my friend May Lee said, "We deserve some cute guys to
cuci our mata with."

Unfortunately, there were none. (No offense to the guys who were there that night)

And no surprise (as with all such events), it did not begin on time. The
orang besar-besar have yet to arrive in their limousines, or Merzs, or whatever sweet rides they own. Waiting for them is such a pain. Such a pain!

It's an even more pain when the dishes are already all set on the table covered with plastic wrap, and all you can do is sit and stare at the not-that-fabulous-dishes-but-you're-so-damn-hungry-crap-would-look-like-heaven-food. Like I said, a PAIN.

As a novice camwhorer, there was only one way to pass the time while waiting for our dinner to get even colder:

My roomie, Nana and I

3 dumb-dumbs

Me and (annoying) May Lee XD

The night was nothing spectacular. Food was so-so. Performances were just alright (there were a few good ones -- eg. Nasyid). Jokes made by emcees were lame. We applauded when we had to. Smiled and nodded at appropriate times. The best part for me was poking fun at May Lee.

Today, I had a date with my roomie. Girls' Day Out. Since all those PBSM* members had already gone home and left us hardworking ones (Nana and I) stuck in non-civilisation Bangi.

We took the Rapid KL to Metro Kajang and just lepaked around. Had such a fun time drooling over cute tops and dresses! Agreeing and disagreeing as to which were pretty, and whether I should get just one more top even though I had already bought one, or purchasing a bottle of bright pink nail polish to attract more attention to
my nails (maybe I'll get "Why you put highlighter on your nails?" comments).

Had KFC for lunch, and more window shopping!! Technically, there weren't windows in most shops, but it just means we admired and held tops against ourselves to see how we looked and oohed and ahhed but did not buy.

I was so torn when I saw so many tops that I totally LOVED but could not buy. I must have a hole in my pocket cos the cash I had sworn I had just disappeared! I guess my roomie just found out today, I tend to splurge when I see pretty things. I'm convinced I have to have them in my already spilling-over-at-the-sides wardrobe. I needed Nana to physically restrain me from entering shops. The tell-tale sign would be me going, "OMG, that is soo pretty!!..." *wanders off in direction of shop*
And Nana: *pull* No, Lisa, don't. Tahaaannnnn.....*pull pull*

Oh well, it was a good day, despite not being able to buy that pretty pink top with that cute lil collar...*sighs*

I am gonna save up, and the next time..............hehehe *evil cackle*
Persatuan Balik Setiap Minggu = eg. May Lee and Christina


Timothy K. said...

As usual... kena conned .. but that's what makes you uniquely you right? funny.. anyway whats with the size 6 font at the bottom... and no i didn't squint to read it.. i was smart enough to copy, paste and ENLARGE!! And yea.. i heard from ma about the nail polish.. but why pink???? Ugh.. oh yea forgot to mention our computer sudah dirawat.. 256MB RAM became 2GB.. so yea.. loads faster.. but anyhowz vampire Knight sudah licensed la.. *sob*

~`w!L`Li@m'~ said...

Dumb dumb! Haha....
actually that's naive lah. I get these "compulsory" shit sometimes. Just be smart enough to get out of it. Even better, just follow the big group. cute guys eh? The guy behind you in the 1st picture must be REALLY offended. Haha...
PS: Since when r u such a camwhore??????? :/

The Bee said...

oh dear when you told me choir had something on i was thinking you pple will be presenting
definitely not to make up the numbers for those hundred and one kind of majlis loh!!!
well learning times aplenty....
just check it out thoroughly next time
and ya dont be intimidated by the "must attend" and wajib stuff ....
think from the organizers' side...if no arahan like that the majlis will turn out total flop for lack of numbers!!!!!
count it an eye opener loh...
anyway am sure you guys had fun dressing up right????...c u t c

Lisa ^^, said...

>>Timothy K
Very funny la..Haha I was kidding abt the bright pink. It's a subtle pink this time. Can't wait 2 put it on this weekend!! XD
Are you serious?? It's licensed already?? OMG. Arghhhhhhhhhhhhh

Yeah la. No cute guys la...So sad...hehe
p.s: I only RECENTLY started bein a camwhore..Since I got my new handphone!! kakakaahahahh

>>The Bee
Yeah, I initially thought we were performing too! Then mana tau...Sigh...At least there were other people there too la. Otherwise it would have been dead boring. Others got out of it by claiming they have classes at that time. I couldn't lie so...Kena lo