Friday, March 20, 2009

Dating With...

Nana, my roomie

haha Seriously le, not with boy-boy.

heee XD

We went out for lunch together last week cos we were both free.
She had no classes, I had none too. So she offered to take me to Ming Ming's - a Chinese food stall place that sells quite a variety of food at a reasonable price too. haha

Lagipun, had a craving for Chinese food that week. :P

Got up early, and took the UKM Zone 6K bus together-gether to the KTM station. Chatted all the way walking the short distance from the KTM station to Ming Ming's.

Oh, by that time, I was already hungry. haha And when you take food for one when you're hungry, it's not a really good idea. Cos you tend to take food enough for 3 instead. >.<

It was really......not bad! haha Annnnddddd.....they provided free hot (over-salty though) soup and some chilled leong char too. Not bad ba. Some good Chinese food for a change instead of there's-cili-padi-in-everything-I-challenge-you-to-find-one that-doesn't kinda dishes that you can find in infamous
Kolej Tun Hussein Onn (KTHO) where Nana and I stay.

Seriously, they put loads of cili padi even into a dish of mixed veg or cabbage. Can't they just cook it plain?
Damn spicy la everything there. Ish.

Anyways, had a good lunch there and was chatting away again as we walked back to the KTM station. Half-way there,

"Oh, crap! Where's my bag??!!"

Terrible, horrible feeling! Can't believe I actually left my bag behind! Thank God, I'd taken out my purse and handphone. But Nana's UKM tag was in there. If it had been lost, she'd have to make it again. Yikes. Tedious process that one (involving going all the way to the Balai Polis Kajang and paying RM15 fine). >.<

Thank God it was still where I left it. aheh. Phew. *wipes sweat from brow*

In a burst of renewed energy, we decided to walk all the way back from KTM station to KTHO!!
(Actually, it was lunchtime on a Friday afternoon so there was no bus cos of prayers and stuff)

It had been raining the past few days. So, you not only get huge huuuggeee puddles in the ground where, for people with short legs like me, you have to jump real hard over, but also this:

Natural UKM river?
Guess where! :P

Me and Nana :P

Ooh, nice reflection kan, kan??
So clear, and pretty.
The world has turned upside-down!!
*gasps* :)

Then we saw this cute wittle cat sleeping on one of the chairs. It looked soo cute, I just knew I had to get a picture of it. So I moved closer to it, despite Nana's warnings of fierce female feline's that can scratch real hard.

It did not look happy to be disturbed. Oops.

By the time we got back after the 30-minute walk home (it was kinda like a stroll, plus there were those huge huuuggeee puddles I had to struggle to jump over okayyy), we were both exhausted. haha

But it was fun!! :)

Full and contented~~


Anonymous said...

alahai... as BLUR as ever!!!
whr is d ming ming's? in bangi?

Lisa ^^, said...

haha Yup. Em, near UKM station wo. haha I guess? *unsure*

Anonymous said...

bad in sense of direction as ever huh? hahahha....