Friday, March 20, 2009



Haha last night Eugene, our choir master of Artisukma Choir treated us all to Secret Recipe cakeys!! XD

Ooh, they looked soo good.....

I L-O-V-E Choc Indulgence!!
It just melts in your mouth don't it??

This was my 1st time trying Cappuchino Cheese.
Wasn't too bad.
Tastes of...Cappuchino.
And cheese.
I like Cappuchino. And I like cheese.
But the combination?
Hm, just a'ite for me. Oh, well.

I thought
this was such a Kodak moment!
Nana feeding Davie cakey!!
Macam malam perkahwinan kan?
bride dan groom suap each other le.

Davie was like, "No, NO!! Don't take my picture!!"

And he posed and paused while I snapped it. Ahah.

When he saw the picture, he was like, "No
la, looks like my own hand only."

Hmm, he's right. So:

Deedee suap him this time!

I had a good time last night! It was good to have fellowship with the rest of the committee members of Artisukma Choir. If we wanted the Choir to move forward, we had to make sure that all the people who had the power to make that happen, were in the same mind and moving in the same direction.

It was good to air our views and opinions on how we saw the Choir from a member's POV and gave suggestions on making Choir better.

All while sipping iced Milo. Ahhhhhhhhhh XD

Thanks Eugene for the cakeys!!! Appreciate it! *beams*
Hopefully, we can bring Artisukma Choir to greater heights!! (being overly ambitious? I don't know.)

(ooh, don't I sound so PALAPES-ish!! Our YDP would be proud!! hee)


siawase_tenshi said...

Enjoyed myself too! ^^ should hv more 2gether-gether sessions like these *hee*

Arnan Koh said...

the cakes are making my mouth water.... can't i have some??

Anonymous said...

haha.. u shuld really try White Chocolate Macademia from secret recipe someday~~!! it's NIIICEEE!!! ^^ buy from d town secret recipe store(near state library), dun buy tht from jusco.. i find town's one tastier.. wahhahhhhahahaha!! ^^

Lisa ^^, said...

Yeah, I agree!! We should! With more sponsored sugary treats from Eugene eh?? XD

No, you can't. bwahahahahha

There's a difference? haha I have tasted that before, okay only ba... :P

The Bee said...

why always tempting us with photos of delicious mouth- watering stuff ah???
sweet tooth lady sure lah
enjoying those sweeties loh
well thank your choirmaster for the real treat!
sekali sekala thing can
regular treat like this will burn a hole in his pockets le....

Anonymous said...

haha.. u tried tht dy? aiya..... thought u haven't.. nvm... hmm.. well.. i THOUGHT no difference, but after htt white chocolate macademia, i realise GOT difference. hahahaha...
then i suppose u tried new york cheese cake from secret recipe dy? hehe.. chun too. ^^

★☆inchek [s.h.a.n.d.y.e] ★☆ said...

oh lisa...
sinful chocolate pleasure eh?
so unfair one!
u know whut?
its all your entry's fault that made me rushed to midvalley to get myself a slice of chocolate indulgence!!!

Lisa ^^, said...

>>inchek shandye
I made you jealous!! teehee BERJAYA!!! XD

Jian said...

that's not cappuccino cheese cake. that's espresso cheese cake.