Friday, March 27, 2009

Jakuns Day Out

You know, I've been studying in UKM for 2 semesters now (almost) and you know what I just realized?

I have never gone out with Jessica, Hui Sun and Chiew Yen before!

How did we let this happen??!!

Shocking. Tsk tsk.

So, we decided to go to The Mines (Serdang) together.
Nah, not to shop. We were all broke.
Just jalan-jalan and makan-makan ya know? *winks*

It was unfortunate that Chiew Yen could not make it with us today. :(
*sooo sorry Chiew Yen. We'll go out together again ya?*

Anyway, SOME of us were soo excited about today's trip that on Monday (5 days before the trip) she asked me, "Lisa, what do you plan to wear when we go out this Friday?"

In case you missed that. Ahem. Outing was to be on FRIDAY. It was MONDAY. And she was asking me what I had planned to wear???!
haha Like I said, we were excited. ;P

So, we planned to pakat and wear the same colour top! I don't care what you guys think. I think it's CUTE.
Colour concensus: PURPLE.
But as you will see in the following photos, SOMEONE did not follow the rules.
So potong steam only la. *pouts*

So the remaining 3 (jakuns) decided to meet at the KTM station since we were all from different colleges - me from KTHO, Hui Sun from Aminuddin Baki (KAB) and Jessica from Burhanudin Helmi (KBH).

Coincidentally, Hui Sun and I got on the same bus!
But Jessica missed it.
The thing was, she was already waiting at the bus stop. And apparently she even waved it to stop.
But it went on right past her, without even slowing down!

Maybe the bus driver couldn't see her! Hui Sun said. *hint hint*
Baaaaadddd Hui Sun. Very bad. haha

Jessica and I
Fyi, I am taller than her,
despite what it looks like in the picture.
Honest. :)

The KTM was kinda crowded, surprisingly. We had thought it wouldn't be, since it was a weekday and all.
Plus, it was about 10 something in the morning. Do people go to work at 10am?

Nice perspective huh?
Too bad the person in the middle
kinda spoils the shot!

Thank God that Serdang is the 2nd stop after UKM. So it wasn't too bad to stand in the KTM on the way there.
After crossing the jejantas, of course we started taking pictures! heeee
Hari bersejarah ba! :)

I like this picture!
In between 2 tunnels.
And there were fish in the water.
Tiny ones and later we saw
hugeeeeee catfish-like ones too!

When we arrived, we went to get McD ice-cream first.
Yeah, somehow all 3 of us were craving for some fast food of some kind.
Hui Sun and I had a sudden craving for fries, and Jessica for apple pie.
Guess where we went for lunch?
McDonald's. Duh. XD

Stairs shot in The Mines.

The directory there was totally useless, as Hui Sun pointed out to us.
I mean, they had a location map for all the 5 levels there were. Coded and labeled and everything.
But the directory did not show us one very important thing - which level we were on.
You know, the YOU ARE HERE label?
How were we supposed to know where we were at the moment?
These people assume to much. Ish.

Hui Sun took a photo of
me taking a photo of them.
Yes, we were still on the same stairs.

So we just wandered around, kinda lost our way a little (thanks to HUI SUN), had lunch, chatted, (window-) shopped, bought supplies to take back to non-civilization (read: UKM, Bangi), joked and teased...
Yeah, lots of teasing. But as expected, I'm the one being teased. Never the other way round.
Yes, girl, you know who you are. Don't make me say your name here. Although, I already have. Countless times. :P

I think it's even safe to say that, from here on out, whenever I mention teasing in my posts, I mean I am the victim. - the one who gets all the teasing. Clear? Great.

Although a little tiring (my feet started aching again, even with me wearing flats!!), it was enjoyable!
Had good fun, you guys! Thanks for today! *beams*

p.s: HS, stop trying to kenakan ME!!! *sobs*


siawase_tenshi said...

sure sounds fun! ^^ it's okie lisa~nxt time we make it Seremban, hehe...*siew pau siew pau* here we come~

tsk tsk...HS is TOO obvious lar Lisa...that's not hinting, it's proclaiming!

The Bee said...

wah gallivanting like crazy huh???
well looks like friday is the day to rest and relax
and relax can also be translated to your window-shopping cum group outing thingy....
good that the pocket is kind of dry this season
or else you ll shop till you drop- oohs and aahs soooo.. cute etc all over the place right??
sort of right timing since all broke
then you wont end up poorer and with purchases you can do without
anyway can rasa the fun you guys had just relaxing this way...
a refreshing change of environment good for the mind and soul lah
ukm tho in aspects 'uncivilized' - but air is fresh and less polluted and it is quite scenic too - not too bad actually
a different atmosphere but very natural in comparison to mines, mall , pavilion, paradise
so should be all energised to complete your assignments now right???
well uni years always the best memorable years
so treasure them and enjoy the many friendship bonds....not just the pursuit of the paper
thank God for your teslian gang and ktho mates!!!

Lisa ^^, said...

I know! That's the whole point!!
haha Sure maybe sometimes when you guys don't have anything, you can come back to Seremban with me. Stay over no problem!! :)

>>The Bee
I AM really thankful for them!! :P

may lee!! said...

jakuns day out is rite! muahaha

finally ppl kenaing you instead of you kenaing ppl. karma has bitten you in the butt, m'dear!

luv ya!

Lisa ^^, said...

>>May Lee
Heyyyyy when do I ever kenakan people?? *innocent look* I never do that!! :)
Love ya too babe!! heee

J e n n Y said...

I envy you le. Still can go out jalan-jalan. Seriously the last time I really went jalan-jalan & shopping was probably last sem break...ARR!!*cries*

Lisa ^^, said...

Awwwwww. That's too bad. Me, this sem, Fridays are free ma!! haha
Next sem no more liao. Sighhh.... :(