Friday, March 20, 2009

Jakuns Once More

The other day, this time, with Jakun #4 skipping alongside (not really) us,
Jakuns #1, #2 and #3 headed to Restoran Sri Menanti for lunch.
This time to try out more food and yummy stuff. :)
It was Jessica's birthday in a few days so had a little
advanced birthday celebration.
~21 years old liao lo Jessie!!
Old ba.....heehee~

Chiew Yen and birthday girl, Jessica a.k.a. Jakun #4

Jakun #4 and Jakun#1

Jakun #4, #1 and #2

Jakun #2, #3 and #4

Jakun #2, #3 and #1

Different fruit juices this time:
Watermelon juice and
Star fruit juice.
Both is ooooohhhh *slurps*!!!

I'd already taken a bite from my sandwich before
regaining my senses.
I mean, how can I forget to
take a picture!
*slaps forehead*
Won't happen again.

That was my sandwic telur with fries.
Which is not bad btw. *beams*
4 triangle slices of sandwiches with
egg, cucumbers, lettuce, tomatoes and lots of mayo inside.
Plus, a side of fries too!
I'd just been craving for fries.....heehee

Hui Sun had roti bakar with butter, and...

...creamy mushroom soup.
Like, can you get creamy mushroom soup anywhere else?
Chuuunnnn. XD

Looking through my pictures I just realized I forgot to take a photo
of Jessica's nasi pattaya and Chiew Yen's sandwic ayam!!
*slaps forehead again*
Won't let it happen again.

The four TESLian Jakuns of UKM

Love you guys lots!
Let's go there again!
Spaghetti bolognese, here I come!! :P


Arnan Koh said...

oh... what are Jakuns??? are they a new breed of lizards??

siawase_tenshi said...

I think TESLians sound very, much better. thank you >.< haha

Lisa ^^, said...

ahahha Jakuns mean like native people la..They dunno anything, look around everything's new to them..haha sth like that XD

charis said...

hrm... jakuns, in the way the word is used here - quite derogatory? considering they are a real people - . to automatically equate the word with uncouth behaviour quite unfair.

this blog's a great read though...i can almost feel the emotions, the way you write them..hehe. which is rare i think. ;)