Thursday, March 5, 2009


After Kemahiran BM dalam Pendidikan, which always succeeds in working up my appetite (I don't know why), I planned to pay my school fees together with 2 other coursemates, Hui Sun and Chiew Yen. :)

So we walked from the Education Faculty to the Chancellory, where the Jabatan Bendahari is situated. And took some pictures on the way there. :)

Hui Sun and Chiew Yen
with their matching purple umbrellas!

Chiew Yen and I posing in front of
the Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia thingy

Hui Sun and Chiew Yen were chatting excitedly about having lunch in the high-class (comparatively) restaurant in the Chancellory building. Both of them had been there once, while I, always the "slowest", had yet to visit the place.

Apparently, there was nice food in nice air-conditioned rooms and nice tables and chairs that were comfy and even looked nice and clean. (Unlike our respective college cafeterias where your hair will start to bleed oil and grease after spending less than a minute there)


It honestly looked so high class, we did not even dare go in.

Today, I found out that the restaurant in Chancellory is called Restoran Sri Menanti which sounds really Negeri Sembilan-ish if you ask me. Well, our Chancellor is the Yang Dipertuan Besar Negeri Sembilan. *shrugs*

Sat down to order and then started looking around. Wow. This place is not bad. *nods head*

While waiting for our food:

Hui Sun THE BULLY and I
She always bullies me and makes me cry.
Kidding. :P

Pwetty (plastic) flowers!!

They smell goooooood!! XD

They're not real??

Non-crazy/lame photo :)

Poor Jess (the other kaki in our TESL gang) couldn't join us. But then again, she was on her way back to Sarawak!! Happy girl!! haha
Next time we go together-gether okay, Jess? Promise. *winks*

We talked and chatted and giggled. Looked around some more and oohed and aahed. Then the food came.
And of course we took more pictures. What are camera phones for? And what are blogs for then, if not to post such pictures? XD

Iced Honeydew juice....
It's been suuuucchhh a long time since
I had a taste of honeydew...
Pure bliss :P

My macaroni goreng

Hui Sun's nasi paprik ayam

Chiew Yen's nasi pattaya with
loads of chilli sauce

We talked on. And on. Moving from subject to subject like a butterfly flitting from flower to flower.
At one point, we were pretty surprised how we had landed up talking about a certain topic. Was a hilarious and mystifying time trying to trace back our train of conversation. We ended up laughing too much, and a little too loudly I think. :)

And yes, we finally did find the source that led to our current topic of conversation.
Which I shall not reveal here. :P

Verdict: food was all right. Cost me RM7.00 for my macaroni goreng and a glass of iced honeydew juice. Well, it was a nice change from eating nasi goreng, mee goreng and char kuey teow. :)
Next time: spaghetti bolognese. Ooh, all those different dishes just made our mouths water. Ooh, ooh!! And they have desserts like Banana Split!

I mean, gosh, where on earth here can you get a banana split when you felt like it??

I'm definitely going back there again. Erm, once in a while. Once in a long while. When I have extra cash that is.


*dreamily* Banana Spliiittttttt.........*drools*


IuhniX said...

they have spagetti there ?omg !

The Bee said...

well jakuns is a pretty apt picture of you fellas!
what to do?
dont see why your kafetaria cannot provide those
dishes with mouth watering names...
on the other hand maybe not too
cos who can afford to treat themselves to them
it ll burn the pocket to ashes!!!
after all most of the students in local uni are not 'loaded' people loh
once in while can give yourselves a treat
so that you wont forget nice food still exists!!!

siawase_tenshi said...

Jakuns~haha! apt.

Lisa ^^, said...

yeah, haven't tried it yet. But that's my target next time I go there to eat. :)

>>The Bee
ahahha Ya, only can go once in a while la. Kinda pricey. But not bad la. Okay what the food. Eat something different la, so not sien lor. XD

Jakun #1, #2 and #3. Jess can be #4 when she gets back!! XD

★☆inchek [s.h.a.n.d.y.e] ★☆ said...

just discovered the so-called 'hidden' cafe izzit?
the pricing is a tad pricey i should say. but then again the food ain't half bad, kan? hehe...

Lisa ^^, said...

>>inchek shandye
Ya lor. Baru jer jumpa. Sad kan?? But I bet you there are tons others who don't know about the place yet. ahahha So I'm not that bad la. ahaha
Yeah, bit pricey. Can't afford to eat there all the time. But when in the mood for something different boleh lahh XD

J e n n Y said...

oh wow banana split!
Tempting mt to go there already =p
I didn't realise there was a restaurant there too. Haha
Really Jakun lah me..

Arnan Koh said...

one get the feeling that you have a camera and too much time in your hands...

Lisa ^^, said...

haha me also tempted la..wakaka XD
Heyyyyy Arnan
We were waiting for our food ma. Nothing to do also whatttt huh