Tuesday, March 3, 2009

PVC Pipe and Hello Kitty

Malam Muzikal Krismas 2009 souvenir

This was the souvenir that they gave us for helping out with MMK 2009.

I was soo touched! *sniff sniff*

Thanks you guys, for the lovely gift!!
They'd actually spray-painted a small piece of PVC pipe (it's actually the T-junction part -- sorry can't remember what it's called exactly, KH was such a long time ago >.<) with each of our individual names!!

And rolled up inside it, was a personal message to each of us, thanking us for our support and contribution to MMK, be it for the singing, or the dancing, or the acting, or miming, technical, props, or MIB (Men In Black who moved around the stage getting every scene ready).

So gan dong le. haha

In response, I'd just like to say that joining MMK was a wonderful experience. It brought me closer to a lot of other fellow brothers and sisters cum university mates, and definitely helped me learn to trust in God; to leave everything in His hands.

Sometimes we work so hard, practise so hard. And when things go well, we believe it was of our own strength.

Truth is, it isn't.

Despite all the initial problems and haphazardness, everything came together in the end.

Lesson learnt and consolidated. Good reminder :)

It was a pleasure to have been a part of this "cast and crew" of MMK 2009.
I'm glad we could do this together. :P

I sincerely can't wait for next year!


Ooh, this kitty has been sleeping on my opposite neighbour's slippers and shoes for the past few days already.

Every time I pass by on the way to the bathroom, without my spectacles, I always stop and wonder what on earth is that grey thingy on Shafikah's slippers. >.< I caught her (or him, I have no idea of identifying) sleeping. At this particular moment, she (or he) was just opening her eyes to see who was squatting down directly in front of her, ever-so-cautiously. "Oh, it's you!" Closes eyes. Snores. (I imagine)


Jyannie said...

heys... your name on the pipe kinda looks like USA haha oops...

anyway... yes thank God for His mercies!! looking forward for the next MK too ^^

Lisa ^^, said...

USA?? Aikz....>.<

The Bee said...

ooh that's a unique and creative way to express thanks
very original
that 's nice
you pple are special and been made to feel special praise God!!!
hey salt and light on earth lah....
as for kitty ...
aiya you always so attracted to cute cats and dogs
well i believe you wont be so enthralled to our neighbour's Major who smells terrible and leaves foul odour- releasing faecal and urine stains all over the porch....