Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Pianist Again

Night Award Student = Malam Anugerah Pelajar (don't you just love direct translations??!!) or MAP XII

Another college event that we had to go to. Well, it was not compulsory this time. So, we had a choice.

Oh, but wait.

They ask me to play the piano for the choir performance that night.

So, I don't have a choice. Sigh.

I just dislike the way they do things.

They say, "Lisa, you boleh jadi pianist untuk malam MAP nanti tak?"
I say, "Err....."
She cuts me, "We want our own choir to sing instead of hiring the Artisukma Choir group." *bangga*
"Boleh, kan?"

Reluctantly, I said yes. I mean, how could I say no? They'd remember me as the girl who refused to do their bidding. Why bring future hell upon myself?

Anyway, it was gonna be a piece of cake right? Small college event, just us KTHO people, small choir group, about 14 of us, 15 minutes performance means about 3 songs would do...Sounds okay. Right?

It was not till less than a week before the small college event that I found out it was not so small after all.

750 people were expected to attend.
2 of the Timbalan Naib Canselor(TNC)'s were coming.
About 20 VIPs have responded favourably to the invitation.
It was going to be held in DECTAR - the huge, huuuuggeeee hall.
It was a HUGE deal.

And we had 14 people in the college choir, some of which, could not really sing. *no offence*

A measly 14 persons singing.
In front of a HUGE stage.
In front of 20 VIPs.
In front of 2 TNC's.
In front of 750 freakin' people.

And we were sooo not prepared.

I seriously felt like killing myself and resurrecting myself after the event. Spare me the possible humiliation!

But it was not meant to be.
I could not obtain the resurrection potion in time.
They were all out. Darn.

Begged some seniors to help out with the training and singing. Thank God they agreed. *Thank you Tata and Na-Squared!!*
I was seriously stressed out.
Worrying and fretting, and fiddling...I did not want to embarrass myself. Did not want the rest to be humiliated either.

But in the end, after so many complications and miscommunications and frustrations and compact practices later, the performance turned out great!!

In fact, Tata told me that her friend had told her that our second song "Music Speak to Me Now" was actually, really nice!


Phew....What a relief!!

Will post photos up later! Seem to be having problems with blogger....*grumbles*


Anonymous said...

u r having probs with msn too. hahahha... guess is ur internet prob. or... face prob. haha...

great tht everything goes well in d end. =)

The Bee said...

thank God indeed!!
sometimes people just put you such a what i would say a precarious position!!!!
bec they do not realise what the task entails and seem to think it wouldnt be a problem .....
reminds me of a principal who loudly boasted
" matematik tambahan semua pelajar pun boleh bawa
tdk ada masalah... tambahan saje "
so tom-dick n harry took additional maths and poor us hv to teach the subject to many many many who scraped thro maths form 3 and even accidentally passed PMR!!!!
pple in the no-know telling pple in the know to do the no-no bec they no- know!!
anyway am glad for you n the KTHO choir SYABAS!
hope there wont be a repeat
and definitely "music speaks to me" is a beautiful song i love it
it has been ringing in my ears and heart lah.....

Arnan Koh said...

maybe if you did not reveal that you could play the piano, they would not have asked you to play it....

Lisa ^^, said...

Ya la, the way they ask you to do things like as if very senang like that. Ish. They have NO FREAKIN IDEA. Aishhhh.

Well, I was the pianist for Orientation Week. If I'd known this was gonna happen, I'd ask Aileena to hold me down and clamp my mouth with her hand so as not to make that crazy crazy mistake. Sigh. Too late now.